Mustang Boss 302 Discontinued after 2013


When Ford revived the Mustang's Boss 302 moniker for 2012, it was far more than a throwback sticker and wheel package. The Boss 302 is a dedicated track car with manually adjustable shock absorbers, limited options and side pipes with available adjustable loudness inserts. C'mon, freakin' side pipes! We’ll miss those side pipes, and the rest of the Boss 302: A Ford representative confirmed to Jalopnik that the 2013 model marks the end of a planned two-year production run.

Like the original Mustang Boss 302 built in 1969 and 1970, the current generation spans two model years, 2012 and 2013. For 2013, the 444-horsepower Boss 302 receives the same visual updates as other '13 Mustang models, plus the standard voice-activated Sync multimedia system, which was unavailable on the 2012 version. For 2013, it also gains a 4.2-inch LCD screen with Track Apps to track g-forces and times for braking, quarter-mile acceleration and zero-to-60-mph runs.

Rest in peace, Boss 302. We look forward to a fitting replacement in the future.

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