Have You Seen Cars.com's Latest Drama-Deficient Commercials?

If you watched Super Bowl XLVII last month — as more than 108 million people did — you likely caught Cars.com's ad in which a couple seeking a bit of drama in their car-buying experience inadvertently find themselves in possession of a wolf pup much to the toothy chagrin of its protective mother.

That was just the first in a series of unfortunate events for characters in Cars.com's similarly humorous follow-up spots advertising its "All Drive. No Drama." campaign. Each of the three new TV ads finds drama-coveting characters getting what they asked for: a mother and father being overly honest with their daughter in the face of sibling rivalry; a rebellious corporate employee refusing to be a yes-man in a board meeting; and a husband and wife making a (literally) pregnant pause in their conversation with a car salesman.

Check out all three spots below.

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