2013 Honda Civic Long-Term Mileage Update

Our focus this month is solely on our 2013 Honda Civic long-term tester. The 2013 Subaru BRZ we've been driving for almost 14,000 miles is on its way out the door and will get a final wrap-up in the coming weeks. For now, let's check in on the Civic.

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Continuous high mileage fill-ups over the last month have bumped the Civic's average from 31.93 mpg to 32.49 mpg — the Civic is rated at 28/39/32 mpg city/highway/combined. Our drivers and their light feet averaged 35.79 mpg in October.

In addition to the calculated fill-up numbers we list above, our tracking regimen records trip computer readouts for each fill-up. The Civic's accuracy for three consecutive fill-ups in October is surprisingly accurate, with as little as .08 mpg and as much as .59 mpg difference between our calculations and what the car displays.

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