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2015 Lexus RC F Photo Gallery (25 Photos)

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Exactly how much more powerful the 2015 Lexus RC F will be than the RC 350 on which its based is still unknown. What is clear, however, is that the high-performance luxury coupe looks the part. Its track-ready makeover features air outlets in its taller hood and fenders, a massive Lexus spindle grille with a mesh insert and stacked quad exhaust tips, as well as available carbon-fiber components and an active spoiler that activates at higher speeds. That’s in addition to forged 19-inch aluminum wheels with premium hand-polished rims.

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In the cockpit, Lexus says performance bucket seats were designed to resemble snug-fitting sportswear (hmm, a compression shirt says one thing, but yoga pants something very different), as well as a thick-rimmed steering wheel. Check out the gallery below. photos by Steven Pham.

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