BMW i3 'Spaghetti Car' Inspires Food-Car Combos


CARS.COM — Putting food on cars sounds like a mess, but to BMW France and Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, it sounds like a “rolling sculpture.” Auctioned off for $117,000 at a Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation gala, the “Spaghetti Car” is a BMW i3 wrapped in a close-up image of spaghetti that gives new meaning to the term fast food.

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According to a statement from BMW, Cattelan said of his work, “This is by far the best Spaghetti Car I have tasted!” — which got us thinking about other tasty food-car combinations. While we wouldn’t part with $117,000 to own a kale-wrapped Prius, we would like to see one.

Audi A8 & Bratwurst

“Wrap the new Audi A8 with bratwurst, because they both are marvels of German engineering.” — Fred Meier, Washington, D.C., bureau chief

Toyota Crown & Sushi

“Because that would mean I was back in Tokyo with the world’s finest nigiri and sashimi available at the tip of my chopsticks. Toyota’s Crown full-size luxury sedan is primarily available in Japan, but it shares lineage with the available-in-America Lexus GS, so I may have to settle for that — but the sushi just ain’t gonna be the same.” — Matt Schmitz, senior editor, daily news

Toyota Prius & Kale

“Wrap a Prius with kale. You can’t really love either one, but both are alleged to be good for you.” — Fred Meier

Ford Explorer & Deep-Dish Pizza

“A deep-dish-pizza Ford Explorer. Two items from Chicago.” — Kelsey Mays, senior consumer affairs editor

Chevrolet SS & Some Highfalutin Cheeseburger

“Though I’ve read all about how farm-to-table dining is a sham, what’s left of my conscience still insists on doing the right thing while also extracting some enjoyment from this world. To that end, I’d like the mess of contradiction that is a locally sourced, grass-fed beef burger with cheddar — and I’d like it with lots of horsepower in a sedan, particularly the unassuming Chevy SS.

“What to feel bad about: This is an Australian-sourced, 415-horsepower track car that gets terrible gas mileage. What to feel good about: You can save fuel with the manual and utilize the HOV lane. As for the cheese, Chevy offers the SS in Orange Blast Metallic — but I’d leave that to the burger.” — Patrick Masterson, copy editor

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon & Raw Steak

“Wrap the Dodge Demon with raw steak, because that’s what it is for the drag-strip crowd.” — Fred Meier

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