BMW Raises 2009 Model Prices

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Remember that 0.9% financing deal BMW is running that we told you about last week? Now might be a good time to buy a 2008, as prices are going up more than 2% on average for the 2009 model year. With the exception of the 3 Series, most BMWs will remain basically unchanged for the 2009 model year, making the price increase even more annoying for BMW shoppers.

The company says the high cost of raw materials is driving prices up, and most manufacturers do raise prices anywhere from 1%-3% annually on unchanged models. Because of the current deals, we felt the full list of prices — along with the fact that a revised 3 Series is included in the pricing — was worth a full post. The list of prices is below. Be warned that some option packages have changed, which can radically alter a BMW’s price. The Z4 roadster and coupe and the M4 roadster and coupe will not return for the 2009 model year. There are very solid reports that a redesigned roadster will be ready for 2010.

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