Consumer Review of the Week: 2016 Audi Q5

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CARS.COM — Audi’s best-selling model in the U.S., the Q5 compact SUV, continues to gain fans despite the lack of a redesign since its 2009 debut. Why? It provides good handling, satisfying acceleration, and a host of convenience and luxury features.

FamilyGuy315 of Los Angeles writes:

“It’s a very well-made and safe small SUV. I drove several different SUVs, but it feels solid and handles very well. For a family of five, it’s a very small SUV with almost no rear legroom for adults. I think the Audi Q5 would be an ideal SUV for a family of three. Trunk space is very limited and there isn’t much space difference from the smaller Q3 model. The Premium trim with navigation was good enough for my family. When this lease is over, I will definitely upgrade to a Q7. This is my fourth Audi, and I have to say, what a car!”

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