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Dodge Demon Will Launch With TransBrake

img 2144701731 1490286912834 jpg 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon | Manufacturer image

CARS.COM — In drag racing — or any sprint race for that matter — it’s all about the jump off the starting line. In the 11th teaser in Dodge’s excruciatingly slow unwrapping of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, its drag-optimized SRT Hellcat, Dodge announced that the SRT Demon will be the first production car to come from the factory with a TransBrake, a performance aid that locks the transmission output shaft until launch for maximum power and torque.

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The device frees the driver from holding the brake with one foot while increasing engine revs with the other to build power before releasing the brake for takeoff. Dodge says the TransBrake’s paddle shifter trigger for launch is 30 percent faster than foot-brake reaction time and allows 40 percent more launch torque. It says the TransBrake, typically available only as an aftermarket system, allows faster brake-free launches at up to 2,350 rpm with a 105 percent increase in boost pressure and in a 120 percent increase in engine launch torque.

The system also preloads the driveline for near-instantaneous torque delivery, as well as to minimize damage from the force spike.

The full SRT Demon reveal (Will there be anything left to show!?) is scheduled for April 11 at an event ahead of the 2017 New York International Auto Show.

Watch the TransBrake “Lock & Load” teaser video below, and follow along or catch up with the rollout at



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