Georgia Dealer Makes Modern Ford F-150 Lightning



It wasn't so long ago that all the major pickup truck makers had a performance-oriented sport truck ready to run neck and neck with any modified pony car looking for some competition. Of course, for many casual observers, the sport truck has had its day, with entries from Ram (SRT-10), Chevy (454SS), GMC (Syclone) and even Toyota (Tacoma X-Runner) popular with targeted fans but never garnering significant sales numbers.

Of course, some would argue the biggest sport truck of them all is the . The Lightning ran from the early '90s to the early 2000s — ending its run to make room for the eventual debut of the critically and technically acclaimed Raptor — but there are still plenty of fans of the half-ton sport truck who want their shot to get behind the wheel of something similar. (We know we remember .) Yes, Ford did offer the Tremor package two years ago with the powerful 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine, and it was definitely fast down the quarter-mile, but it was still not exactly the kind of power package some are looking for.

That might change now because we've just heard about Pioneer Ford, a dealership in Bremen, Ga., that's putting together the closest thing to a modern-day Ford Lightning we've yet seen. We don't have any slip times from the package, but it does look good.

The 2018 Ford F-150 Lightning package from Pioneer Ford starts with a V-8 regular-cab short-bed F-150 XL. Pioneer then adds a front- and rear-suspension lowering kit, a Roush supercharger, Roush alloy wheels, Goodyear Fortera high-performance tires and a leather interior. Since the photos and information from its Facebook page went viral last week, the dealership has had almost 100 calls looking for more information, many of whom had to put down a $1,000 deposit to hold their spot in line. The finished trucks, depending on exactly how you want it equipped, run right around $55,000 and are reported to offer about 675 horsepower. The sport truck is back.

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