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Remember the V60 Polestar wagon at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show? The arctic blue — er, Rebel Blue — family hauler scooted to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds thanks to a turbocharged six-cylinder with 345 horsepower, Volvo said. If you wanted one in sedan form, Volvo also had an S60 Polestar. Neither car is what you’d expect from a Chinese-owned Scandinavian automaker best known for safety.

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Now Volvo appears hungry to turn Polestar into a credible alternative to the smorgasbord of luxury performance sub-brands on the market: BMW M, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Audi RS, Lexus F and Cadillac V-Series. The automaker announced today that it purchased 100 percent of Polestar, the Swedish performance tuner that’s partnered with Volvo since 1996.

The performance arm won’t just be about turbochargers and chassis tuning; Volvo says it aims to use “electrification technology” in its Polestar cars, too.

Volvo has some performance chops, if you remember the 1990s-era 850 T-5R or the S60 R and V70 R that came a decade later. Luxury shoppers can expect more performance-oriented Polestar variants of Volvo cars down the road, but you might have to wait for one. Volvo said it plans to sell just 1,000 to 1,500 Polestar cars worldwide per year “in the medium term,” which is up from the 750 V60 Polestar wagons and S60 Polestar sedans it expects to sell in 2015.

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