Honda Recalls 81,000 Accords Over Airbag Sensor


NHTSA reports that Honda is recalling 81,000 2004 – 05 Accord sedans because of an airbag sensor that was installed improperly. The sensor regulates deployment of the airbag based on the occupant’s size and seating position and could fail, leading to injuries for smaller drivers.

Recall notices will reach owners in February, but the company says if the sensor does fail an airbag warning light will illuminate on the car’s dash. If owners see the airbag light go off, they should have their car serviced immediately. Under the recall, all owners will have the sensor wiring harness replaced. Honda says it’s received no notice of injury or incidents with the airbag deploying improperly.

The announcement comes days after 2006 recall tallies showed Honda had the fewest mechanical recalls of any automaker last year, with just more than 1,000 vehicles recalled. Toyota recalled more than 800,000 vehicles in 2006.

[81,000 Accords Recalled For Air Bag Sensor, MSNBC via Autoblog]

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