Hyundai Accent Cheapest Car in America, Again

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In a sign of the times, Hyundai has announced that the base trim level of its Accent subcompact will start at $9,970, a cool $20 less than the 2009 Nissan Versa’s price, which was announced earlier this month.

What do you get for your $9,970? Exactly the same two-door hatchback Accent GS you got last year. There is no reduction in content but there wasn’t much to begin with. There is no a/c, no stereo and it sports 14-inch steel wheels with covers. There are seat-mounted side airbags and roof-mounted curtain airbags. Air conditioning is part of a $1,600 option package with a stereo and tilt steering wheel. Nissan charges $1,000 for air conditioning on its base Versa.

But the big news is that the price is significantly less than the previous $11,070 that you’ll still find listed on our site and on Hyundai’s. That’s how quickly Hyundai must have reacted to Nissan’s price drop.

The prices of the better-equipped Accents, you know with air conditioning, remain unchanged so the deal really only appeals to those with few needs in a new car. The Accent gets 27/33 mpg city/highway. 

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