Indigen Armor Introduces the NSTT Battle Ready Pickup Truck


Looking like a militarized TORC off-road racer, Indigen Armor's Non-Standard Tactical Truck is the crew-cab pickup truck you've been looking for if you're a member of a special-ops team hunting bad guys halfway around the world or fighting zombies in L.A. after the apocalypse.

According to a press release, the four-door NSTT is "designed to afford soldiers greater mobility in urban, desert, woodland, jungle, mountainous, and arctic terrain. The chassis, suspension, power train and armored occupant safety cell were engineered specifically to carry large payloads across rough landscapes in denied areas."

The NSTT's sheet metal appears to combine bits from Nissan's Titan and Frontier pickups and an old Toyota Hilux, but its skin and windows are tough enough to repel bullets from an AK-47 assault rifle (and, we're assuming, the teeth and nails of the undead).

Under the NSTT's hood is a Navistar V-8 diesel engine that's rated at 325 horsepower and 570 pounds-feet of torque (same as the old 6.0-liter Power Stroke V-8) and paired with a six-speed Allison automatic transmission. The eight-cylinder oil burner will run on No. 2 diesel or military-grade JP-8 fuel.

The NSTT features an independent front and rear suspension, which is in line with the latest military thinking to keep the passengers and driver as comfortable as possible crossing the battlefield. The front running gear uses double-wishbones on both sides while the back uses rear trailing arms instead of the conventional leaf springs or coil springs and a live axle that you'd find in today's civilian pickups.

The fully independent setup helps the NSTT reach a maximum speed of 103 mph on meaty 33X12.5-inch R16.5 BFGoodrich tires and eight-lug wheels. It can crawl over grades up to 60 percent or tackle side slopes up to 40 percent.

A wide range of equipment options is available for the NSTT depending on application, including run-flat tires, infrared lighting, signal jammers, sirens, a 2,000-watt inverter, winch, onboard air compressor and blast-mitigating seats — just in case.

[Source: Indigen Armor]


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