Like Always: Saturn Still Committed to No-Haggle Pricing

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The hot Saturn Sky roadster has prompted some dealers of the famous “No-Haggle” brand to charge a premium for the in-demand convertible. This is a huge no-no for Saturn, a brand that made a name for itself by selling at a flat rate with no negotiations, up or down.

In a recent CNNMoney story, Saturn representatives are adamant that dealers unfairly upping the price on the Sky will be punished. The no-haggle approach is the core of Saturn’s brand identity; one study even stated two-thirds of shoppers prefer to pay a set price.

That’s why you see commercials on TV saying “Like Always, Like Never Before.” The “Like Always” part means no-haggle, the “Like Never Before” part means they actually have a slew of attractive products arriving at dealerships this year.

The old plastic body panels and homely looks may be a thing of the past, but Saturn seems steadfast in keeping customers happy with their one-price mantra.

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