Nail Polish Doubles as Car Touch-Up Paint


CARS.COM — Twingo nail polish sounds like the latest groovy nail trend: First there were metallic ombré nails, then asymmetrical French manis and now Twingo nails!

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In fact, Twingo nail polish is making a play for trendy — at least in Europe (for now) — all thanks to that great French automotive house of haute car-ture, Renault. Renault sells the adorably wide-eyed and spunky Twingo city car (that’s automotive jargon for cute and tiny) around Europe. Its latest iteration comes in a smattering of sprightly exterior paint colors like Inca Yellow, Powder Blue, Diamond Black and Flame Red.

As a playful nod to the ostensibly equally playful Twingo customer base, Atelier Renault (the company’s lifestyle shop that’s filled with all kinds of Renault-related accouterments that you never knew you needed) is selling Twingo nail polish in the exact four colors mentioned above. For about 9 euros, you can get nail polish that allows you to twin with your Twingo like a boss.

The best part is that this nail polish doubles as touch-up paint for your Twingo. Imagine it: Upon leaving your pod yoga class, you approach the Twingo that you’d gracefully squeezed into the spare inches between two other cars, and it’s got a few scratches! Not one to let other people’s carelessness deflate your pod yoga buzz, you whip out the Inca Yellow polish from your handbag and swiftly paint over those marks — all the while admiring how great the very same color looks on your nails.

We are left with some questions, most notably: Does this require heavy-duty polish remover? Will they come out with more colors (we’re looking at you, Tahoe Blue and Ultraviolet)? What’s next, an entire Atelier Renault-sponsored salon?

We’re game for any and all of the above. We love this novelty of Twinning and Going — Twingoing — with mad glee all over town.

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