Neil Young Launches Electric Conversion Company


Awhile back we told you about Neil Young’s labor of love in converting his classic 1959 Lincoln Convertible to an electric car. Now, Young has teamed with alt-fuel guru Jonathan Goodwin to form Lincvolt, a company that will take the process commercial. 

Converting existing gasoline-powered cars to electric or alt-fuels is a tricky and expensive process, often costing tens of thousands of dollars. Young’s own Lincoln’s conversion hit the six-digit mark in terms of cost.

Young and Goodwin hope to win the $10 million Automotive X Prize, a privately funded contest to see who can create the first commercially viable 100 mpg vehicle. 

You can follow Young’s Lincvolt team in a series of webcasts at the company’s website here

Neil Young on gas guzzlers: Long may you run (San Francisco Chronicle)

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