Pacifica, PT Cruiser, Magnum Could Get Ax Today

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A few weeks back, we told you about rumors circulating that Chrysler would cease production of a number of models. Today, the board of Chrysler is meeting to decide the fate of a number of models, and The Detroit News is reporting that the Chrysler Pacifica, PT Cruiser and Dodge Magnum will assuredly be getting the ax, and the Jeep Commander will be on the table as well.

While we don’t mind seeing the PT Cruiser go, both the Pacifica and Magnum were unlike anything else on the market for their time and deserve a second chance. We’d guess the new Dodge Journey will get a Chrysler spinoff to replace the Pacifica, otherwise Chrysler might be missing the boat and losing some loyal fans of the crossover. Again we poll you, our readers, to see if this is the right batch to kill off. And we’ll get confirmation as soon as possible on which models are indeed no longer for this world.

Chrysler to Dump Three Slow-Sellers (The Detroit News)

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