Product We Don't Need: Lavender-Scented Tires

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There’s an expression we all know and love: burning rubber. Just reading the words makes one think of beautifully smoky burnouts, muscle cars and that awful, smoldering rubber smell, which many, many of us love. Obviously the folks at Kumho don’t share that fascination, as they’ve debuted a line of tires that are lavender-scented.

Before you ask why, we’ll answer some basic questions. The Ecsta DX tire’s lavender scent lasts a year, and the company says it’s most noticeable after normal driving when the tires are still warm. Presumably this will freshen up the garage when you come home from a long commute. The price is also pretty good — $81 a tire via TireRack.

Now you can discuss the “Why?” and the “Why lavender?” below.

Kumho’s Lavender-Scented Tires Go By the Name of Ecsta DX; Probably Answer to the Name ‘Pointless’ (Gizmodo)

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