Reader Review of the Week: 2008 Honda Accord


This week, a tall, demanding car buyer has found something that finally fits: the 2008 Honda Accord. The reason this Pennsylvania native wins the nod this week is that he goes through the reasons why his previous purchases of a Camry and 2007 Accord weren’t right for his large frame. He also points out some pros and cons that are unique to him. You can leave your own reader review for all to see here

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“Here’s my story. I loved my 2003 Camry, but a gal on a cell phone in a snowstorm hit me head-on. A 2007 and up Camry has less headroom than a 2002-2006 Camry and it didn’t fit my long torso … so I bought a 2007 Accord for the headroom last year. The 2007 Accord was a very uncomfortable car with narrow, hard front seats. So after 12 months and 15,000 miles, I traded it in for a new 2008 Accord LX-P. The difference in comfort for my body size is amazing.

I have 1,000 miles on it and like it as much as I disliked the 2007 … it pays to take a LONG test drive. For me, the new Camry wasn’t an option because of the headroom, even though I think overall Toyota is a better manufacturer. Honda has odd options (or lack thereof). I can’t get an outside temperature gauge on a 2008 LX-P, even though I could get it dealer-installed on the 2007 LX! In the northeast that’s important, so I just installed an aftermarket unit in the glove box. Honda needs to talk to me for its focus groups!”

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Former managing editor David Thomas has a thing for wagons and owns a 2010 Subaru Outback and a 2005 Volkswagen Passat wagon. Email David Thomas

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