SEMA: GM Makes Big Accessory Push for Colorado


What better way to celebrate the reintroduction of a new midsize pickup truck than showering it with dozens of gifts, specifically gifts in the form of lightweight aluminum clamps, racks, tents, covers, boxes, flares and just about anything else you can think of for a pickup. That's exactly what GM Parts and Accessories has done by developing a long list of parts and pieces designed to allow new Chevrolet Colorado buyers to personalize and customize their trucks for the activities they enjoy.

Jennifer Goforth, director of GM Global Accessories, told us at a Colorado and Camaro drive event right before the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (the auto industry's annual party for creativity), GM couldn't imagine a better place than SEMA to introduce the new truck activity products, called GearOn. SEMA opened this week in Las Vegas and runs through tomorrow.

From the very beginning of the Colorado design several years ago, a team of bed, body and interior parts engineers (the group now has 30 team members) worked with the Colorado engineers and designers to anticipate many of the activity needs of future Colorado buyers. Goforth described an important "bed party" during which all the team members for GM's new midsize trucks were invited to bring anything they might need to haul or carry with a midsized pickup. GM employees brought ladders, kayaks, tool chests, camping gear and just about any other type of cargo you can imagine. This brought real-world needs into focus.

Many of the clamps, dividers, racks and other problem-solving devices the team devised to create better carrying capacity was done with the help of top-tier suppliers. Once the parts were created, they were tested for compatibility, simplicity, strength and weight savings. Perhaps the biggest benefit from this type of planning is that buyers can select these products when they order the truck at a dealership. Those who finance their trucks can bundle these warranteed add-ons into their monthly payment.

We had a chance to look at several of the products GM Accessories is offering for the new Colorado during the drive event. The ladder, bike and roof racks, side steps and every other accessory look well constructed and fairly stylish. And, we're told, this is just the beginning for the parts team; they'll be coming up with even more optional parts and pieces for the Colorado and GMC Canyon as they gauge how well the products embraced by dealerships, as well as focusing on new offerings for GM's half-ton and heavy-duty pickups down the road.

For more information, visit the Colorado accessory website. photos by Mark Williams




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