Smart ForTwo in the Wild


So there we were, staff photographer Ian Merritt and myself, flying driving up Lake Shore Drive in a bright yellow Corvette Z06, when we spotted a miniscule motor vehicle a few cars ahead. It turned out to be a U.S. spec Smart ForTwo with Illinois plates, a promotional sticker on the back window and what looked to be two full-sized passengers. Update: It has been pointed out that this is the past generation Smart ForTwo, good catch Mike. Still, the overall size and footprint on the road will be similar.

You can read all you want about a car, but something changes when you see one on the street, driving in real-sized traffic. The ForTwo looked to be moving along just fine and it fit in fine with other cars on the road. The two guys inside looked like they were in awkward seating positions but there was certainly plenty of headroom. Who knows, maybe spottings like this will get the average Joe accustomed to such a small car. Or maybe when it’s on a real highway — one where they allow heavy duty pickups let alone semi trucks, it will look smaller.

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