7 Ways the 2018 Electric Smart ForTwo Is Not Dumb

By Fred Meier on June 14, 2018

Even as a city dweller, the Smart ForTwo has never been appealing to me. Appalling is too strong, but goofy and irrelevant are not. And like most American car shoppers, I buy more car than I act... Read More
2008-2009 Smart ForTwo: Recall Alert

By Patrick Masterson on May 10, 2018

Vehicles Affected: Approximately 42,800 model-year 2008-09 Smart ForTwo electric city cars The Problem: The rear insulation mat in the engine compartment may deform, deteriorate and loosen o... Read More
Horsepower Vs. Horses: How Much HP Drives the Kentucky Derby?

By Patrick Masterson on May 3, 2018

Ah yes, the pruning of fresh roses, the mixing of mint juleps, the last-minute splurges on impossibly floppy headwear — you guessed it, Saturday marks the 144th running of the Kentucky Der... Read More
2018 Detroit Auto Show: What to Expect

By Matt Schmitz on January 11, 2018

CARS.COM — Detroit's rep to some degree has not caught up with its massive comeback in recent years, so it's still common to hear unflattering references to other struggling U.S. c... Read More
Luxury Vehicles, Sports Cars Cost More to Crash

By Fred Meier on January 5, 2018

CARS.COM — Based on the latest data available, the insurance industry's Highway Loss Data Institute has come up with lists of the best and worst model-year 2014-16 cars for collision d... Read More
15 Cars Pushin' Up Daisies in 2018

By Patrick Masterson on December 28, 2017

CARS.COM — The end of the year always gets us feeling a little nostalgic for the journey we've been on over the past 365 days. So much laughter! So many tears! All of it bundled in a l... Read More
2017 San Francisco Auto Show: 5 Things You Can't Miss

By Natalie Hayes on November 17, 2017

CARS.COM — A mere 380 miles stand between San Francisco and Los Angeles, but vast differences abound between the famously image-conscious Angelinos and their tech-savvy neighbors to the no... Read More
Got a Spare? Not on These Cars

By Brian Wong on October 19, 2017

CARS.COM — Earlier this year, I was testing a car on a mountain road with no cellphone reception when I got a flat tire. There was a big rupture in the sidewall. No big deal, right? Slap o... Read More
Smart Vision EQ ForTwo Concept Preview

By Kelsey Mays on August 31, 2017

CARS.COM Looks like: A windswept version of the current Smart ForTwo, sans driving controls or conventional doors Defining characteristics: Minimal overhangs, translucent doors... Read More
2017 Smart ForTwo: Our View

By Bill Jackson on August 6, 2017

Editor’s note: This review was written in October 2015 about the 2016 Smart ForTwo, but little of substance has changed for this year. To see what’s new for 2017, click here, or chec... Read More