Surprise: 2019 Ram 1500s Get New Split Tailgate


Don't let anyone tell you Ram can't keep a secret. Not only did the truckmaker hold information about new tailgate technology until right before the 2019 Chicago Auto Show (well, maybe Ram right before Sunday's Super Bowl), now it's put itself right back in the middle of a fairly spirited Half-Ton Truck War — all the while having one of the best January sales months in more than a decade.

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This new "barn door" tailgate for the 2019 Ram 1500 is a clever way of providing owners easier cargo loading and unloading access along with other options. The bed also will drop like a conventional tailgate and is reported to have a 2,000-pound load rating.

The boringly named Multifunction Tailgate literally splits open in a 60/40 configuration; the doors swing out to open and re-latch when closed. The new setup should pair nicely with the existing RamBox. Humorously, he press release about the new feature says, "unlike other multi-element tailgates, the Multifunction Tailgate does not require that the trailer and hitch be removed before opening." That's a pretty good swipe at , which can be dropped right onto a hitch ball or trailer if you don't remove them. The Ram 1500's new tailgate will be packaged with the spray-in bedliner and include an optional center-mounted retractable step. Each door also will be able to open almost 90 degrees.

The Multifunction Tailgate has been in the works for several years and will be available across the 2019 Ram 1500 lineup. The Multifunction Tailgate will cost $995 and the retractable step $295; they will be available in the second quarter. We expect the tailgate will be one of those options that becomes a standard feature for certain trim levels or special editions.

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