Toyota Looking Out for Tacoma Owners


Every once in a while a company does something that makes you feel a little warm and fuzzy inside. That’s the case with Toyota today. After receiving a number of customer complaints about excessive corrosion on some older Tacoma pickups, the company offered to extend the rust perforation warranty to 15 years.

This affects model years 1995-2000 and applies to any owner, regardless of whether you bought the truck new or are the second, third or ninth owner. Anyone with a Tacoma from these model years can get a free inspection from Toyota, and if there’s excessive rusting, the automaker will either repair the damage or buy back the truck.

Toyota believes the problem’s roots were in the manufacturing of the truck frames, which may not have received proper protection against corrosion. Tacomas exposed to large amounts of road salt are particularly susceptible.

The automaker will begin notifying original owners by letter in the next few weeks, but any Tacoma owner can visit a dealership for the official inspection.

Toyota Extends Rust Warranty on Older Tacoma Pickups to 15 Years (Autoblog)

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