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Tracking the Fuel Economy of's 2013 Honda Civic, 2013 Subaru BRZ

Last month, our 2013 Honda Civic LX proved it’s capable of exceeding the EPA’s 39 mpg highway rating by a few mpgs after we calculated a 42.2 mpg fill-up during a highway cruising road trip. This month, the Civic again backed up its excellent highway mileage on a trek from Chicago to Detroit. The sedan returned the highest-recorded fuel-economy yet: 42.8 mpg.

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The 42.8 mpg tank helps bump our Civic’s average recorded mileage to 31.93 mpg, which is up .8 mpg compared to last month. Our staffers scorched the roads this month in the Civic — maybe lightly charred is more appropriate given the Civic’s 140-horsepower — racking up 2,712 miles in August.

At the same time, our 2013 Subaru BRZ is puttering along just fine without much change in overall mileage. We drove the BRZ 1,165 miles last month, and picked up a massive rock chip on the highway; we’ll have more to report on this in the coming weeks.

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