Volvo Gets Serious About Electrifying Polestar


CARS.COM — Volvo is further developing its Polestar performance division acquired in 2015 that’s responsible for cars and wagons like the current 362-horsepower supercharged and turbocharged S60 and V60. In 2015, Volvo said Polestar would develop “electrification technology” in its performance program, and that’s coming to fruition with the announcement that Polestar will turn into a dedicated high-performance “electrified” car company. It’s not immediately clear if electrified means gasoline-electric hybrid or fully electric; we contacted Polestar for clarification. 

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The new Polestar will have its own management team, with a chief executive officer and chief operating officer who will lead Polestar as a standalone brand within Volvo — this means future Polestar vehicles will wear the Polestar name instead of Volvo. And while they may no longer share a name, Volvo and Polestar will share technologies.

We’ll learn more about the electrified performance brand’s products in the fall when more plans are announced, so stay tuned.

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