Volvo to Drop V70 Wagon

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Time is running out to buy a new Volvo V70 wagon. Citing declining sales and the evaporation of the premium-wagon segment in the U.S., Volvo plans to drop the V70 from its U.S. 2011 lineup.

By comparison, interest in the automaker’s crossovers, like the XC60 and XC70, remains strong, and Volvo plans to introduce a front-wheel-drive version of the XC70 for 2011, according to company spokesman James Hope. Currently, the XC70 comes standard with all-wheel drive.

The XC70 is mechanically similar to the V70, but it has a higher stance and unique body cladding that gives it a more rugged appearance. If U.S. interest in wagons returns, Hope said it wouldn’t be difficult to bring the V70 back, as it will remain available in other regions of the world.

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