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Engine light after 2 weeks, engine failure week 6

I brought a 2018 Ford Fusion , very low mileage 37k on 7/18/22. On 7/24/22 my headlights went out because water had been going on there and they offered to fix them. 7/31/22 my engine light came on “engine fault service now” . I informed them. They were very dismissive. Finally, Jose took the car and claimed to have it scanned and there were no codes. He gave me the car back without an engine light and assured me the car was fully serviced. 8/29/22 my engine malfunctioned and the car shuts down while I’m driving. now I’m in need of a new engine. Jose told me it was due to my recent oil change then valvoline cleared that up. He then lied to my face and said “I said it was a possibility not the cause” . John Lewis told me I had to put some money towards the cost for them to fix it . I said no because they knew the car had engine problems when I brought it back 2 weeks after purchasing it and I’m sure they just cleared the codes.They refuse to fix the car. they’re telling me to take it to Ford maybe a warranty will fix it. They won’t answer your calls or get back to you once you bring up an issue with your car. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!! Save your money

Dealer response

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review about your experience. Huggard & Ewing has been in business since 1951 and we ALWAYS stand behind what we sell. Prior to the sale of the vehicle, Huggard & Ewing conducted a multi point inspection and replace the rear brake rotors & pads, windshield wipers, and changed the engine oil. Ms Hector purchased the vehicle on 7/18/22. On 8/2/22 Ms Hector brought the vehicle in for the headlamp assembly & check engine light. Huggard & Ewing installed the headlamp assembly and scanned the vehicles OBD system and found zero codes both present & in the history of the vehicle. On 9/1/22 Ms Hector had the vehicle towed to Huggard & Ewing with engine concerns. Huggard and Ewing pulled the oil dipstick and noted the oil level was overfull by a quart or more from the factory specifications. Ms Hector informed Huggard & Ewing that she recently had an oil change done a Valvoline. If oil is overfull it can cause extreme damage internally to a vehicle. Huggard & Ewing drained the necessary amount of oil from the vehicle to get back to full level and noted pieces of the oil pump belt coming from the vehicle. The vehicle is covered under Ford factory warranty. Huggard & Ewing towed the vehicle (out of courtesy) to local Ford Dealership for repairs.


The best used car dealer in Massachusetts by far

Huggard and Ewing has changed my opinion of used car dealers at least this one they are excellent to work with so helpful they make sure that the vehicle you buy is as perfect as possible for a used vehicle they make sure you are happy and that it is the safest it Can be I was truly amazed at my experience buying a Used truck from them my salesman was Bronson and he was also excellent the head mechanic that they have on staff is very helpful and knowledgeable overall an excellent experience


Con of a salesman

They sold me a van on 11-5-21 after test driving it I mentioned to the salesman Allen that it had some brake and engine noises. He told me he would “put it into service” at their dealership. Two days after being “fully serviced” and driving it off the same issues were there. I went straight back and informed them and they told me to drop it off. It should of been ready to go when I drove it off the lot now I have to drink back a car I just paid a ton of money for? Poor service and A con of a salesman. Save yourself the headache and avoid these guys.

Dealer response

Franco, This review is very disheartening. Huggard and Ewing, and all of its employees, have gone above and beyond to try to work with you on your purchase. The vehicle you purchased from us had over 160k miles on it. It passed MA state inspection and was a perfectly safe vehicle. We stood behind the vehicle when not required to by law. In addition we repaired the vehicle where you asked us to. In the end, you asked us to refund your deposit and take the vehicle back. While we are not required to do so, we gladly did and parted ways amicably. We are terribly sorry you feel this way and hope you would reconsider Huggard and Ewing for all your future vehicle needs.



Terrible shady business. Do not buy a car from them, it will cost you thousands after you drive it off the lot. Stay away or you WILL regret it


Kim and Kosta

Really awsome experience. Jeff and Alan get things done. our second car purchased here and we will be back someday again. Thank you!! Kim and Kosta


Rude phone call

Called me 4 times in 2 minutes then was rude and nasty on the phone. Tried to get off the phone by saying thank you for your time and he kept giving me a hard time about my trade. I finally had to hang up on him. Never gave his name. Will never buy from


Great people all around.

Al was awesome. I contacted him and explained i was in Az. And needed to get my daughter and her husband in Seekonk a car rather quickly. I gave him a price range and milage range and within an hour he located the perfect match for what we needed. When they did a test drive there was a rattle coming from the front end. He told us no problem that they would take care of it. From beginning to end the staff was a class act.


They’re all about sales, not servicing!

They were so eager to help and be friendly when it came to selling me the vehicle, constantly reminding me that if anything goes wrong with the vehicle that I could bring it back within warranty and they would be happy to remedy the issue. Unfortunately, Two months after purchasing from them I’ve brought my vehicle back three times for the same issue and after having it for over a week they call me to tell me, “we can’t figure out what’s wrong so we’re just going to stop looking into it and you can come pick up the vehicle as is”. Then they go on trying to sell me another vehicle and that I could trade in my vehicle that I’ve had for two months purchased from them. They showed no empathy that I purchased a vehicle from them with defects, they just brushed me off multiple times until finally saying that they did not feel like looking into it any further so that I should just pick it up as is. Focused only on sales and no customer service after the sale, very unprofessional!


Always come here

This is my second car from them! Chris and Chris are amazing and run an amazing place! Alan the GM of Sales and Brain the head of Finance are truly one of a kind! They are upfront, honest and not “gimmicky”! When looking for a car, these are the people to go through! They work hard, and get the job done! It didn’t take us more than 1/2 hour to sign everything and off we went! We came down from NH just to do a deal! Thank you to everyone!


friendly people, clean facility

I made an appointment to test drive a Ford Edge that I saw advertised on cars.Com. I was greeted by one of the salesman who set up me up with the test drive. He was both friendly and knowledgable about the car I was checking out. I was confortable with the dealership because I read the reviews which were positive, and because I had dealt with them as a parts supplier for their repair facility which always came across as professional. I would have bought the Ford Edge, but ended up buying a Honda Crv at a local dealership. I would not hesitate buying a car from this dealership.

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