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BIg Joe's The Man

Was in search of a used Ram 1500, plenty of selection at Huggard and Ewing. Look to be clean, well kept vehicles they sell. Big Joe was awesome, was nice dealing with a salesman who wasn't hounding me the entire time!



bought a beautiful RAM 1500 Sport in 2017. The price was amazing. I drove from 2 hours away and got a solid deal. When I was purchasing the vehicle my sales person mentioned it was a Canadian vehicle and asked if I cared. I said 'Only if it meant something to me, does it?' and he said nothing in response. I will follow up about this later, because it's really the only reason I'm writing a review. Initially they messed up my financing, which I caught and addressed. The finance person said she accidentally put the financing from the last person in my paperwork. And she signed me up for some warranty that I remember saying no to, but I caught that and removed it also. Not a big deal, I still got a great truck at a great price. I had to drive back a few times to address an issue with the lumbar motor, they were great and gave me a rental car. But with repairs my leather wrapped steering wheel got all scratched up and I had to buy a steering wheel cover. I didn't say anything. Not a big deal, I still got a great truck at a great price. It took me a few weeks to get the registration, but that's because they are a smaller family dealer and didn't know CT DMV times I guess. Not a big deal, I still got a great truck at a great price. After the weekend I called RAM to check the residual warranty. I learned that some Chrylser vehicles from Canada entirely void the warranty, regardless of where they were built. RAM is one of these. I did complain about that and they offered to give me a warranty for $1000, but then my truck would not have been a great deal anymore. If I knew then what I know now I would have pushed for it to be free. I read a review 6 months ago about the same scenario happening to someone else where the warranty was voided. I sat on this for half a year to think and be honest. This other person's review posted in April of 2017 with the office saying they were aware that some Canadian vehicles void warranty. I bought my truck in May of 2017. When I directly asked my sales person he didn't reply but I didn't think anything about it. Later I was told on a phone call they had no idea. I realized this was not the truth because they had replied to the other person in my scenario a few months before I bought my truck. That whole truck buying episode was very upsetting, and it was likely upsetting for them as well. Information that was clearly known on their end was not disclosed. I put my trust in someone and was let down. I will say I leaned a lot in this process.


Exceptional Service and professional advise

I purchased a fantastic car after a family member had purchased two prior. The sales and service are second to none. I had work done two weeks ago for struts and coils. The price was very fair and below all others . The car was gone through 100% and a leak another dealer said existed was not there at all. As the car was being repaired a customer came in with a 2 yr old car with a failing transmission they had bought elsewhere new. Chris Coy was honest and directed them to the manufacturer for warranty and did not hesitate to help direct them what to say . This customer thought they would have to pay themselves and wasn't aware of the claim was legitimate to get free from the manufacturer. Always solid advise and totally fair repair prices from Chris Coy in service. I drove over 75 miles each way to get the job done right and fairly. I would recommend Huggard and Ewing to anyone looking for a great used car and fantastic service for years.


Waste of Time

I went in on a Sunday and was greeted by Marvin, who was a sweetheart. The woman that I had spoken to on Friday had led me to believe that there would be finance people there on the weekend. That turned out to be not true. On their website, they proclaim that they can get ANYONE financed, and that they accept all types of credit. Mine isn't the greatest (medical emergencies will do that to you), but I gave it a shot anyway. The finance woman kept giving me dirty looks, so I didn't feel confident that I would be accepted. The wait was ridiculously long to find out that I had been declined. They need to take the "we can get anyone financed" line off of their website, because it's simply not true. Also, when the woman in finance pulled us into a room to tell us we couldn't get financed, rather than close the door, she stood in the doorway and said our business in a loud voice. So much for privacy. Go somewhere else that can actually help you rather than drag you along and spread your business to everyone in the dealership.


Big Joe at Huggard & Ewing is DA MAN

I've bought 16 vehicles in my lifetime, and NONE have been anywhere near as pleasurable as the process with "Big Joe" at Huggard & Ewing. No negotiating, $6K below market value price. Great inspection & repairs. New Michelines, brake pads, wash, buff, tuning....They are a first class operation and Big Joe advocates for his clients. Texting on his day off, 2 to 3 updates a day, personable, friendly, knowledgeable and customer-driven. I wish ALL of my consumer experiences were this good, and this is the FIRST automobile buying experience that I've EVER taken the time to share. Big Joe & H&E are THAT GOOD.


Great to deal with

Purchased car recently after a lot of research , loved the fair pricing took a lot stress out of the car buying process my salesman Reggie Moran was great to deal with, professional and easy to deal with. Will recommend to anyone looking for a car


An actual nice car buying experience!!

Made the hour drive to H&E because of prices, selection, and the reviews online. Bought a truck from Big Joe, who was great to deal with. He was very informative about the vehicles I drove and came through on everything he said he would do. Everybody I dealt with was very nice and not pushy at all. There is no reason to go any place else.


The Best

Recently purchased another vehicle from Huggard And Ewing and left in the car of my dreams! Thank you once again for making the experience so smooth from beginning to end, I love my new car! Brockton


great experience

Joe O'Donnell was great to work with, We test drove 6 cars and every time we came back he had the next car ready to go. Process was easy, no hassle.


Thank you H&E

My husband bought a truck from H&E in November and we were thrilled with the entire experience. We went in and bought a car for me at H&E last week. Reggie was amazing. He was knowledgeable, helpful, available throughout the entire process. We also worked with Susan and she was excellent. We would definitely buy again through H&E. Thank you!!