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(150 reviews)

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I saw a car online and stopped to check it out. Not only was it not there, the car I was looking for had a salvage title. It stayed it was a clean title online. I wasted 2 hours driving out to look for a car that wasn’t even there. They get you there and try to sell you something else!



Do not buy a car from here. Haven't had the car for 30 days yet and the engine has siezed up. When I called them to see what we could do they just told me to basically screw off and call an attorney and hung up. Never using them again and neither should you. Unreliable, untrustworthy, and a rotten company.


Buyer beware!

Dishonest and deceptive. I believe knowingly sold me a flood car. I'm $6000 in the hole bc the junk they sold me doesnt run 4months after I bought it despite diligent maintenance and upkeep. They refuse to refund and lied to the DA about details leading up to the event. Crooks! Take your money elsewhere.


kc used car emporium

The salesman worked hard to get the deal done. The finance dept. got me a better deal than my own credit union could. Good hrs. and a good selection of cars. I would recommend them to my family.

Dealer response

Thank you for your Business


Earn Respect to Gain Respect

Someone needs to go buy a car here today so the owner can afford to hire a Decent,Nice, Respectable Secretary to Answer the phone or send the Hateful Guy that answers the phone to a Manners Course!


Terrible customer service

When I came to look at a car, the sellers did not seem the slightest interest in my concerns. They also were so unprofessional, one guy was eating while I was trying to look at the car. Then they falsely put the transmission as an automatic when it was a manual. Lastly, they list old cars on their website. Terrible terrible customer service. If I could give a zero I would.


Do not purchase a car from them.

I spend $4,000.00 in cash to buy my daughter a decent car for college. Now I am going to have to put in a new transmission. Everything is falling apart on the car. These people sell cars that they know are going to fall apart when you take it off the lot. They need to be put out of business so they do not take advantage of people. They were also mad because I did not finance and didn't give then an opportunity to make more money off of me. Save your money and go to a reputable place to buy a used car. I would not even send someone I didn't like there to these crooks!


Avoid at all cost!!

Avoid this dealership at all cost. If you have an issue with your vehicle within the warranty period, they require you to take it to their mechanic. Their mechanics do not speak English, and are very difficult to communicate with. Although we took the car to their preferred mechanic twice, they never deemed it to be an item under warranty. They refused to let a 3rd party mechanic make the determination on the issue.


Most dishonest group of people ever dealt with

Bought a car from them and have had up 3 times to have the air bag light fixed. When it was test driven it had an airbag light and a vibration and asked it to be checked. Bought the car with them putting it in writing they would fix the airbag and vibration.They completely ignored the request on the vibration and now the car vibrates and sputters when it goes uphill. When the airbag light recently came on again and had to take it to them for the 3rd time I specifically told them about the sputtering and that Certified Transmission had checked it and dignosed an engine issue. I was told it would be taken care of.They kept it for 4 or 5 days and I had to call to check on it and was told it was fixed and ready. When asked what was done to fix the sputtering I was point blank told "I dont know but owner says its fixed". Drove off the lot and the minute it was on the highway it sputtered and cut out.From the salesperson to the GM to the owner it has been nothing but bad service,lack of caring and no responsibility to their empty promises.


Would recommend

Buying a used car generally sucks. These guys made it much easier. Pleasant to work with, accommodating, helpful. Sean made an otherwise stressful task so much easier. 10/10 would recommend.

Dealer response

We try to make it easy Thank you for your business