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Parks Toyota of DeLand has been a part of the South Volusia County area for over 30 years. As a division of Parks Motor Group, Parks Toyota has roots dating back to 1975 with a commitment of excellence and delivering the experience that you deserve. We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Feel free to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing! We at Parks Toyota of DeLand would like to extend the invitation for you to become a member of our dealership family.
Delivering the experience that you deserve.

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(97 reviews)

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Never go here

DO NOT GET SERVICE HERE!! I went in on 4-12-21 for a recall part replacement on a Camry. It had something to do with the fuel pump.. When I leave that afternoon my car smells like gas but that is what they just worked on so I ignore it. I had to go to a gas station and fill up as they wanted no gas in the car to work on it. I walk out from going inside the store and there is a gallon of gas on the ground under my car just dripping out. I drive a few block back to my apartment happy it did not blow up on me. The next day 4-13 I go back and the service assistant spots the gas trail I had been leaving as I drove. I left it to be redone and had the front brakes changed. Although the tech clearly should have done the work correctly the first time, I am nice and my customer service rep was great and helpful. I was a little disappointed no one even offered me a discount for my break job for being forced to come back and waste hours for their mess-up. SO I ask for one. I get 10 dollars. I asked for the service manager who was not on site to call to tell him how good my service rep was, but he never called me back.-- My car was a bomb for 24 hours leaking gas because of their failure and I cant even get a call back from the service manager... NEVER GO HERE


Terrible terrible terrible Manager's

Terrible terrible terrible Manager's, They offered me a vehicle for a certain price and I signed on that price. I even told my sales person that I will take it. Then another manager comes back and tells me that it will cost me another $2k. All of the managers are all idiots and like lying their xxxxx off! Here are the name of the liars Johnny Antonie, Tom Scheffer, And Scott Labuff is the biggest one of all. People need to be careful when buying from Park Toyota of DeLand they are worst Toyota Dealer I have ever been to.


Great salesman and finance guy, bad finish.

My salesman Ron was really awesome and down to earth. Finance guy listened to me and didn’t make it awkward when I refused an extended warranty. However once we were done the close to 30k$ vehicle I had purchased had not even been touched by the team that gets it ready for you. This after being reassured they were sorry for the delay and had 2 people on it. My ride had to leave as he had other responsibilities. I waited around an hour on the curb after the sale was final for them to prep it. I was also told there was a second key but they misplaced it and Ron said he would call me in a week and either get me one for cost or give me the one they found. It’s been two weeks and I haven’t heard anything.


Purchase used Tundra

I purchase a 2018 Toyota Tundra, the salesperson was very unprofessional. Keeps tell me one thing and it was totally wrong. The tires pressure light is on and when I told him about it, he said they fixed it. The vehicle was delivered to me. Then the price changed twice. This is one dealership I would not recommend.


WORST experience of my life

I have had such a bad experience with this place. I orginally left a good review via Facebook because they said they would fix all the LIES that I was sold when I traded in a perfectly good mustang and they gave me basically nothing for it. i have had problem, after problem, after problem with this place. I was sold a vehicle with all these options and it turned out I got none of them. They tried to upsell me another vehicle and I had to pay new taxes on the new vehicle because the first one I already paid the taxes and it was not want I wanted or even agreed to purchase. Then they said they would add remote start with one key fob to maybe fix the issue but it's actually worse now. this place should be avoided they saw an injured Iraq war veteran and took advantage of me. This place is horrible and filled with crooks and thieves. I will be getting a lawyer now. This is the WORST choice of my life and I was in Iraq for almost two year and was badly injured and I rather be in Iraq then deal with these people ever again!!!!! They seen an injured Iraq war veteran and seen an easy way to take advantage of the situation as it was an easy sell. They basically did what is known as a "bait and switch". Please please please be careful with this dealership they are by far the worst dealership I have ever seen or had to work with in my life!!!


Above and Beyond Quality

To best describe my experience with Parks Toyota of DeLand, I need to tell you a story. About a year and a half ago, my Ford lease was up and it was time to move forward on a new vehicle. My wife and I, living in Seminole county, went to a dealership nearer to our house and leased a 2017 RAV4 XLE. Our experience at that time was great and we received a great vehicle as a result. I haven't had a driver's license in nearly 8 years, and last week, I rectified that issue. It wasn't due to a criminal charge or anything like that; merely the inability to share a vehicle led to my blase outlook on possessing the card. Then, with the card in my possession and only one car at home, it only took 24 hours to realize that we could not survive, logistically, with one set of wheels at home. We went to the same dealership that we got the RAV4 from, which I won't name out of respect for Parks, and the experience I had was subpar. Don't worry, I'll write that one next. To shorten the bad aspect, they showed little to no customer service or loyalty to my return business, making me think I had chosen the wrong dealership in the first place. So I reached out to Parks and spoke with Tom Scheffer and explained the whole ordeal with the first dealership. He explained and he and his colleague, Candice, would be happy to work with us and rectify the issues I had at the other location. We arrived at 3PM on Sunday, spoke on the vehicle that I wanted, in the right color and trim level and it appeared on the side of the building, detailed with a full tank, ready to go. We went over our deal with Candice, and then moved over to Scott Levitt's office to finalize our paperwork. After another 30 minutes with Scott, and his two-color highlighter finesse, we had signed on every dotted line, set up insurance, and we were ready to caravan back to Seminole county. I went out of my element on Sunday. I was an hour North of home, at a dealership I had never been to before and I was completely, totally, impressed. The showroom was clean and uncluttered. It made me feel at home. I was not pressured. I was waited on. And felt appreciated by my being there. Parks Toyota of DeLand really pulled out all of the stops. When my wife's lease is up in 2020, I know exactly where I am going, whether it is further away or not. It is 100% worth the drive. Again, Candice Hartley, Tom Scheffer, and Scott Levitt, THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!!!!!! I could not be more satisfied. We will most definitely return. 10/10!


Avoid Parks Toyota

It was rainbows and puppies when I purchased my RAV 4 and brought my Mom in to buy one too! Now that my warranty is almost over do you think they can tell me what it even covers (No) took months for them to schedule for me to come in then the day of I have to take my Mom to the hospital and the service rep says its pretty much my fault for missing the appointment as I chose my Mother over the appointment! Way to go way to say Merry Christmas!


horrible exp

If you’re looking for a dealership with integrity and fairness, please AVOID Parks Toyota of DeLand at all costs! We share our unfortunate story to reveal the true face of this dealership. We purchased a 2014 Toyota Camry XLE hybrid from Parks Toyota of DeLand on 5/28/2018 with full payment. The salesman, Mr. Derek Jenkins, showed us a clean Carfax sheet. However, we found out a major defect the next day—the front driver door was repainted with a mismatched color. We contacted the dealership immediately. The general sales manager, Mr. Chad Pickles, in an unpleasant way, said we bought the car, and we own it. He gave us two options: either to take it as is or come to exchange a different car. He said our best option is to exchange a brand new car because used cars will always have defects. Before the purchase was made, Mr. Derek Jenkins showed us a sheet that marked a few minor body defects on this car; but did not mention anything about the door. When he showed us the car, he had all four doors wide open before we approached the car. He explained that he opened all doors so we can see the insides. On Memory day, the weather was cloudy and rainy. We saw the car at around 7-8pm. The mismatched color on the door was hard to detect especially with the doors being wide open. We are female physicians that are not sophisticated with motor vehicles. We gave our trust to Mr. Jenkins. However, the next day under sunlight, the mismatched color was so obvious that even Ray Charles could see. It is hard to imagine professionals at the dealership had no knowledge of it. We took this car to a body shop of Bev Toyota on 5/30/18, without saying anything, we asked the person who gave estimates what was wrong with this car, he immediately said the front driver door had been repainted, and the color didn’t not match. There were also misalignments under the door, which indicated an accident might have occurred to this car. Also, the keyless entry on this door is not functional. This car is purchased for a beautiful young lady. She felt so disappointed when discovering the color mismatch that she does not feel comfortable driving this car as is. We searched very hard to avoid cars with accidents. We were not planning to purchase a brand new car. We also don’t feel comfortable to exchange a different car from the same dealership who presented us a vehicle with a major undisclosed defect. We tried to reach the general manager, Mr. Louis Hernandez, on 5/30/18. We made a total of 7-8 calls to the dealer and left several messages to the front desk person who refused to connect the phone to his voicemails. Nobody called us back during business hour. I had placed a call after hour to leave a message on his voicemail without being blocked by the front desk. I also sent him an email. The next morning, Mr. Hernandez called back. Surprisingly, instead of acknowledging this fact, he insisted on having sold us a car that has a clean Carfax, denied any wrongdoings from their dealership. He stated that the people at dealership are not trained with car painting. Another thing to note, on the Carfax we saw, the odometer of this car is listed as about 18,000 miles, at time of our purchase the mileage is over 23,000. We asked to speak to the owner; he claimed that he is the owner, which we don’t believe it’s true. He said there is no cooling off period. Once we drove the car out of their lot, we own the car. We told him we can’t accept the condition of this car and would place a hold on payment but remain open to discuss the solution. He threatened to prosecute us as theft. Jesus! What a dealership! What leadership at this dealership!


One of the best buying experience

One of the best buying experience I ever had. The entire team work well together and you will have the best price in central Florida for sure. No hidden agenda and no games. Bruce Hrabia, Bushoy Rezek and Jason, you are the best and thank you. Roy


General Sales Manager Chad Pickles

As a healthcare professional for many years, I am delighted to recommend any colleagues to consider Parks Toyota when looking to purchase an automobile. Chad Pickles (General Sales Manager) will do everything in his powers to make sure you are 100% satisfied. He went above and beyond for me and I know he will do the same for you. P.K. New Smyrna Beach, FL.

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