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Every New Toyota from Mike Erdman Toyota comes with the Erdman Automotive Family Plan! A $4000 Advantage. Every New Toyota comes with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty Four Years Maintenance Complimentary Car Washes Five Years Roadside Assistance. At Mike Erdman Toyota we want to make owning a Toyota easy and smart. Come see why Mike Erdman is Toyota...Everyday.

Our service department is open late 7 days a week and free loaner vehicles are avaialble for all services over two hours.
Mike Erdman is Toyota...Everyday!

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(372 reviews)

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Petty and Careless!!!

I have a 2018 RAV4 which is a Company Car lease through Element Fleet that comes with a company issued maintenance card which is used for payment. I called Mike Erdman's service department this morning to setup a time for the routine 5000 mile maintenance to be performed. I explained over the phone that this was a Company Car lease through Element Fleet that has a maintenance card attached to it that will be used for payment. The individual asked me for some information that she used to setup an account with Mike Erdman Toyota, Company name, phone number etc. She assured me this wouldn't be a problem and that they had plenty of openings today to perform the 5000 mile routine maintenance. She asked that when I arrive to speak with Jimmy in the service department which is what I did. I explained everything to Jimmy and handed him the maintenance card. He asked me if I'd be hanging around while the maintenance was performed which I did. After sitting in the waiting room for about half an hour, I get a call from Jimmy telling me they weren't going to be able to do the maintenance because when they called it in via the maintenance card to setup the account through Element Fleet, they were told it could take up to 30 days before they would receive payment. Jimmy went onto say that it's the end of the month and his boss didn't want to potentially have to wait that long to get paid. We're not talking about a huge sum of money here. So now I'm on my way home going down Rt. 95 and the hood starts to bounce, I pull over to find that the hood wasn't entirely secured, they evidently started the maintenance but were told to stop and never secured the hood entirely, unbelievable! On a visit to Corpus Christi this past Thanksgiving, the vehicle was due for maintenance when we arrived. Toyota of Corpus Christi was slammed this particular day but told me they would take care of it...same scenario, end of the month with Element Fleet having to setup a new account through the Corpus location, they didn't hesitate to accommodate us. Also, we've purchased two new vehicles through Mike Erdman Toyota along with recommending them to family and friends. Extremely disappointed, never again!!


Uncaring, Unethical and Greedy!

Deceptive, uncaring and greedy, adequately describes this dealership, their management and their colleagues! We had agreed on the numbers and when it came to putting the paperwork together, the manager (who hides in his glass cave) decided to disclose that he "FORGOT" that we had a trade and that we would be required to add substantially more money to the deal. The sales person was clearly embarrassed by the management's indiscretion initially, but joined in with them, expressing her disdain and attempted to humiliate my wife and I - UNACCEPTABLE! (I withheld her name intentionally). Sadly, we did not buy the vehicle and the sales person became customarily hostile towards us and walked away from us expressing discontent under hear breath! I would caution the local community and the general public to be careful of their "techniques" as their intentions are not pure, to say the least!


Great Service Department!

Last Saturday (Jan 16th) my wife and I were driving from Cleveland, Ohio to visit our daughter in Delray Beach. Suddenly, I heard a loud noise coming from the right rear side of my 2018 Toyota Camry. No traveler wants to experienced car problems and I am no different. I was on I 95, in the Cocoa Beach area when this happened. I immediately saw Mike Erdman Toyota dealership and I pulled off the highway to see if I could get help. I didn't realize how lucky I was. I had no appointment and it was Saturday so I thought it would be a long time before I could be helped. Was I wrong. What a great dealership Mike Erdman has. I just got out of my car and walked into the service area which seemed busy. However, Chris who was taking care of a couple of other people asked me if he could help. He listened to my problem, showed me to the waiting room and said he would get a technician to solve my problem. I hardly sat down when Chris returned and said he had found my problem and wanted to show me. Now two months earlier, I had the same noise and tried to have it fixed two different times. They found nothing which Chris found it in about two minutes while still helping other people. Amazing! Chris was a service department all by himself. However, Chris still had the head technician, Mike, take a look at my car. Mike was another amazing man. He agreed with Chris, took me on a long ride to hear the noise and then very quickly fixed my car. He also relieved any tension I had by how professional he seemed. These two men helped me despite being very busy and my not being a regular customer. They were courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I was on the road again in 45 minutes. Mr Erdman you are very lucky to have two outstanding employees like Mike and Chris. No wonder your dealership is so successful. Thanks a lot guys. Dave Wilks


Abusive and Deceptive

I walked around the lot for over an hour without one person asking if I needed assistance. Erdman added a discount on top of the Toyota rebates on a 2021 Corolla, and I inquired about it, test drove, then applied for a loan. Because I have a trade-in, they attempted to offer nearly half of the trade-in value (not retail, trade-in). They offered wholesale pricing for my vehicle. That is a third of what they will sell it. The sales manager, Josh Giles, stated they are there to make money, and if I wanted to talk about real trade-in value, then we needed to talk about MSRP value. That is absurd! The rebates that aren't even paid by the dealership, aren't 2/3 the price tag, so why would I only sell you my vehicle for 1/3 the price? I understand the trade-in value is less than retail. The cost is already adjusted for you to make your money. The rebates are irrelevant to the trade-in. Erdman is blatantly trying to use the rebate that is paid by the manufacturer to abuse and deceive consumers. Had I not had a car to trade, the rebates would apply. The trade-in literally has nothing to do with the so called, deal. It's false advertising, classic bait and switch.


Worst customer service ever experienced

I'd leave negative five stars if it was an option. I've been a Toyota customer for 14 years. Mike Erdman Toyota has literally the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I dropped my truck off yesterday at noon for a scheduled appointment to do an air bag recall and a diagnostic test for a brake issue. I was told the 30 minute diagnostic test would be $69 and they'd run that before doing the airbag recall and that would take a couple hours. I got a call from Sal Torres in service at 2:45pm saying my truck wouldn't be ready and offering me a loaner vehicle. I asked what time they close (at 4pm) to understand how that early in the day they knew my truck wouldn't be ready for something that should only take about 3hrs. Sal said the diagnostic test was taking longer than expected but my air bag was done. Through me off because I was told it takes 30min and would be done first. Then I received another phone call from Saul saying they hadn't done the diagnostic test yet, and then went on to say a problem with my leaf springs. Of course I questioned how he's calling me to tell me about issues being found but the test hadn't been run yet. To which he changed his story again and said it was just taking longer than usual. By that point I was over the inconsistency in what he said. 9 phone calls from Saul and several lies later I demanded the test be free for the inconvenience to which he agreed. Cut to today when my sister and friend went to pick the truck up I get a phone call saying they're charging $84.00 🤯 My friend put me on the phone with Saul and he immediately started lying and saying he never said it'd be free. He wouldn't answer me when I asked how the price jumped from $69, to free, to $84. I demanded to speak to the manager, mind you he wouldn't let me talk to the manager yesterday. Saul told me the manager said there's nothing to talk about. I said I believe there is and to put him on the phone immediately. Queue Jay Piter the "manager" who got on the phone without introducing himself, was totally uninterested, and totally aloof. I informed him his employee is not only incompetent but a blatant liar. He said he'd drop it back down to $69, I asked again how it jumped to $84. $73.89 later I won't ever be going back there EVER again and when I get another Tundra it will be from Melbourne or Orlando


Great service

My advisor was Alan Piter, and he was excellent!! Very professional and friendly enjoyed doing business with him. He is certainly an asset to this company!


Annual Lease of New Camry XLE

Gary Hope is the best! Lease process for luxury 2020 Camry XLE handled quickly, painlessly. Always courteous, informed, eager to secure the best lease terms.


Waited over 2.5 hours for oil change

I waited over 2,5 hours to have my oil changed and am still waiting. Now I am waiting for oil to come from parts store. I have had the oil changed here three times - I bring the oil and filter, they change it. This was recommended by the previous owner. I made an appointment and arrived 15 minutes early and 2 hours later they inform me I didn’t bring enough oil, I bring the same amount every time. Still waiting, this is the last time I come here.


Customer service

Worst customer service ever! Once you buy the car from them, that’s where the service stops. Employees will never return phone calls and now I’m stuck going to a different Toyota dealer even though Erdman is close to my home. Will never buy a car from them again


Terrible service

To condense this review: smooth sale for new car but service afterwards is terrible: Every. Single. Time. Will not buy another car from this dealer. Stay away. Read on if you want to know the full story: Decided to buy a brand new 4runner from them in 2018 due to them being local and offering the 2 year maintenance beyond the Toyota care with their “family plan”. Sale went smoothly and sales guy was attentive (Speer Mabry). Started taking the vehicle there for service and the service guy Jesse was condescending and rude every time! Even though they would mark fluids being filled I would drive off and the windshield fluid was empty, twice. Now the Toyota Care is over on the car so I take it in for service and they tell me that my car doesn’t have their family plan warranty that comes with every new car. Changed service advisor to Taylor who had me going around in circles telling me my new car is not covered by them. The sales guy Speer insists that is there and that he spoke with service, the service director said he would investigate it and gave me his card. Wasted my whole Saturday once again only to drive the car after 30k miles service and seeing the paperwork were the fluids were supposed to be topped off, to find out the windshield wiper fluid is empty. Call the service director Jay to tell him and text him video evidence, he said he would personally come by Monday first thing to make things right and is now Tuesday, still not even a phone call. Stay away from this place, they do not have respect for their client’s time and lack basic customer service. Will avoid any future car purchases. Also, the “family plan” is false advertisement. Fine print is that they only cover oil change and tire rotations not Toyotas recommended maintenance. On the other hand Lexus even covers spark plugs when you take it in.

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