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This seller has been on since October 2017.
Welcome to Perry Ford of National City!

Here at Perry Ford of National City we are a fine group of friendly professionals who take the time to understand each customer's needs. We have an outstanding selection of new Ford models for you to experience including the thrilling Focus. For anyone who wants excellent performance at affordable prices that meet their budget we've got a phenomenal inventory of used cars as well. We want to provide our San Diego area Ford fans with enjoyable experiences so please let us know how we can assist you! We look forward to serving you!
When it comes to our San Diego customers our priority is always their complte satisfaction!

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(77 reviews)

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Friendly staff and had my vehicle ready for pickup after

Friendly staff and had my vehicle ready for pickup after finishing remote signatures. I would purchase from them in the future.


Very unethical Ford dealer. I have purchased six Fords...

Very unethical Ford dealer. I have purchased six Fords over the last seven years. Every dealer that I have worked with has been exceptional and honest. Never have I paid full MSRP for a vehicle. I found the perfect F150 for my family. I was extremely excited because I liked the MSRP and the current incentives. It was a great advertised price. I contacted Perry Ford of national city only to be told that they would charge me $4000 over MSRP. Basically I wouldn’t get any additional features or items, but they would inflate the price by $4000 simply for their own greed. What is even more frustrating, is currently their website has all their advertised pricing and I can’t get any of these vehicles at that price. What a sham. Bait and switch. I understand there’s a vehicle shortage, but I will never understand paying over the value of the vehicle or advertised price. Pure and simple greed. I was more than happy to pay the advertised MSRP, but not more. 52k wasn’t enough for them & a 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium trade. I called North County Ford who I’ve had amazing service and they are honest and reputable, and they said they would try to get the vehicle on trade. Because they would sell it to me at the advertised price. I guess Perry Ford’s greed is just too great. Definitely will buy my 2021 Ford F150 from a different & reputable dealer.


Oil change and tires rotate

Oil change done, tires not rotated, service guy said he did but markings on tires showed he didn't. Mgr called showed him marks, he didn't care said service guy never lies is honest and a Christian and walked away!


This xxxx place charged me 1100 dollars to replace an...

This xxxx place charged me 1100 dollars to replace an entire battery cable when only the connectors/battery were corroded. The car is only 4 years old. What a xxxxing rip-off joint from xxxx. Stay the xxxx away from this place at all costs.


All males in this place not a single female to be found....

All males in this place not a single female to be found. Maybe that’s why it’s so unorganized and stinky. Their bathrooms smells before you even get in it. The sales guys are outside talking inappropriately and watching YouTube. Their cars are not even properly detailed! Don’t trust these guys.


I responded to their ad and their salesman Brando...

I responded to their ad and their salesman Brando returned my call early the next morning , at which time he confirmed the price, year, make and mileage listed in the ad . I told him I'd come in now or in the morning and he said the morning might be better so they could detail it first and perform a mandatory safety inspection. So we agreed I d see him in the morning assureing him I'd buy the car then and I'd be paying cash. BUT Brando didn't show up for our work that day I He had given me his home number so I tried calling him over and over and just got a busy signal ? So I met with Eric. I don't think he knew anything about what was about to happen, but who knows! He took me out back to see the car, still up on the lift. I said I'd take it. We went in to do the paperwork. I told him I'd pay cash. When he pulled it up the Altima on his PC to get the VIN # the price had increased by about $5000.00. I told him " You know that's illegal don't you? He went to get a Mgr and after 20 or 30 min here comes this cocky arrogant smug jerk who asks if I have proof to support my claims. I told him his salesman who mysteriously didn't show up is all the proof I need. He said but he's not here is he. I contacted the District Attorney's office and but I've missed their call twice.


New lease led to the biggest regret

My family and I love ford. We have owned multiple and have had very little problems with the vehicles or the dealerships we have worked with. We had a Ford F-150 and were trying to downsize so we came to Perry Ford. We found a Ford Explorer that was perfect. We test drove and completed the paperwork in a decent amount of time. The time came to connect all of our phones and such to the car and immediately had a problem. The car salesman Andy assured us we could come back the next day and get it fixed. We returned and it took them a week to fix the “easy” problem. Next, when purchasing they promised to install an entertainment system. Not only did they install a DVD player versus the blu ray player we had paid for but it has now been in their service and parts department a minimum of 4 times to have it working correctly with the car. We just drove off the lot and finally have a blu ray player but it shuts off intermittently and was told a third party technician will come to the house and fix it. Needless to say this is the biggest regret of a car we have ever had and we will not buy another car from this company. They promise things and don’t deliver and refuse to take accountability for them. If the name Dario is said to you at this dealership... run. We have had the car for a year and it is still not done properly. Do not go here. They know the techniques to get you hooked but then do not come through on what they promise.


Dishonest, shady, disreputable are a few words that would...

Dishonest, shady, disreputable are a few words that would describe this dealership. Brought my daughter to purchase her first vehicle.We were given an itemized cost breakdown to take to our bank. The bank then called Perry Ford to get a TOTAL cost for the vehicle. The bank issued a check for the amount Perry Ford quoted them. We returned to the dealership and were directed to the financial dept. My daughter began signing the papers they handed her, trusting they were what she had been told. Upon completion of the paperwork they then told her that she owed $400.00 more. Before I could stop her she handed them the $400 she had just received for her birthday on the 7th. This amount was not quoted to the bank. It was not quoted to us in the itemized breakdown. They just saw two women, one young, one old and took advantage. How dirty can you get? DON'T PURCHASE A VEHICLE FROM PERRY FORD of National City. Dishonest, dirty, deceiving; words that would describe this dealership. On the ride home we discovered the windshield was cracked in a location that was inconspicuous. One month later the battery needed replacing. My daughter is a person of disabilities. They should be ashamed of their disreputable practices


Great service

I always have great experience coming here . Best service hands down. Juan De La Torre has been the best service technician ever . Every time I get my car service he greets me with a smile , it’s because of his service that I keep coming here .



" Out Of Towners" Let me tell you I have heard of stories of out of towners and wow are they correct. Our "power steering locked up" not while driving thankfully. Ford is aware of the issue and has yet to correct it. Well, for $2700. probably wouldn't want it out of their pocket... Crazy such a Safety Issue! When ours went out and took it to Perry Ford the gentleman decides to tell me that, not only will my company not cover the price of theirs but it's not available for a week!!! So they don't Usually like going with other companies because theirs are Cheap and Are Unreliable!! From Ace or yard Ben they say. They like to go with their "parts" here and new not rebuilt, Well I can't wait a week, besides the fact. While now that this so called New one has gone out two months later I ask my home town about this New One.. and they're all rebuilt manufacturer in some way. Of Course. *** Would I have been told, my company could have sent went one the following day covered and only pay my deductible. Would have been awesome. I' am only on our family vacation after three years. With two other families. Im sure the " Four year Senior" who helped us knew what he was doing and whoever helped him might have been the one I talked too after this part went out and I had Questions!!! especially after he told me about the whole" thrift stores theory" of my company. who by the way says they actually get very good parts. This is disgusting. And I'm waiting for the boss of the boss to contact me and explain. Would have loved to say $700 who wouldn't. I have never had this experience on a Warranty Vehicle. But " you knew I couldn't refuse a week. " Hmm

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