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After several months during the FORD BRONCO issues, i

After several months during the FORD BRONCO issues, i have been following up several times trying to ascertain information from the dealer and the FORD manufacturer about the orders and trim levels. In response to many several emails that i sent, these are the 2 emsils that i received on 3/15/23 from Rene and Chris Rivas. Chris is just a bad bad manager on how to deal with customers. 1st email on 3/15 this is Rene, and sorry for my delay response, I was out of the office. You will need to speak with Christ Rivas only, since we don't have a good communication between us. I will no longer handles your account, he will. 2nd on 3/15 Christ is out today, and he will be here tomorrow, however he just call me about another customer and I mentioned to him about you, and he told me to let you know this. If and when your vehicle gets here, we will notify you, mean time if you have any further questions, please call the dealership at 909-793-3211 and ask for our General Manager, his name is Chad Coates. JUST STAY AWAY FROM REDLANDS FORD.



STAY AWAY FROM THIS STEALERSHIP!!! They tried to RIP ME OFF! 3-21-22. with buying a new engine?? problem was a blown HEAD GASKET. If there techs ??? and i use that phrase loosely. couldn't find the issue.... they offered to buy my car for $1,500 must have answer within 72 hours?? HUSTLE!! they would probably replace the HEAD GASKET next day and put it on the lot for $16,000. go to JIFFY LUBE there more HONEST!

Consumer response

None needed! they had there chance.


On December 5th 2021, I purchased an F-150 5.

On December 5th 2021, I purchased an F-150 5.11 edition truck from the Ken Grody Ford dealership in Redlands. The next day the check engine light appeared and I returned it to the dealership. When I returned the truck I was approached by the general sales manager Kerwin Peña and salesman Octavio Ibarra and was offered 20k to keep the truck but I rejected the offer because I was not comfortable with buying the truck and taking the money. On December 31st 2021, I returned and purchased an F-150 Roush edition truck. When I bought the truck, a free bed liner and detail were thrown into the deal. The dealership was supposed to call me and schedule an appointment within the first week of January. I waited 2 months and received no call until I called the salesman Octavio Ibarra to ask if I haven't received a call and he told me that he would look into the situation. On February 24 2022, I dropped off my truck with 898 miles. On the 25th of February, when I went to pick up my truck, it was given to me toward the back of the dealership, with 921 miles and no mention of a scratched window when I notified the guy at the service department about this damage he quickly said “i'll get you a new one” I asked him if he could call a supervisor or manager. By the amount of miles shown, the unknown phone connected to the bluetooth and the sales manager saying that the services were not done at the dealership, I had realized and told him that I was never asked or informed that the truck would ever leave the dealership therefore I did not consent to the truck leaving the premises causing the Ford Ken Grody dealership to be at fault and responsible for any damages. The sales manager, Kerwin Peña and I talked about the damages and he told me that he was going to fix the problem with his staff and would give me a call on Monday to find a solution for the problem. I never received a call from him on Monday until I called the salesman Octavio Ibarra on Tuesday night where he told me that it was better if I showed up at the dealership Wednesday morning. On Wednesday, March 2, I went to the dealer to talk to the general sales manager Kerwin Peña and salesman Octavio Ibarra, who both made me feel discriminated and gave me an unreasonable offer which was a full tank of gas and 1 oil change which I had already purchased with the truck, and to wax the bumper. When I asked them to replace the bumper they said “no”. I had informed the sales manager that I was going to leave the truck and keys until it was correctly fixed and the sales manager said that if I were to leave the truck at the dealer he would call a tow truck to take it to my house and make me pay the expenses, he then proceeded to walk away from me no longer wanting to talk. After this conversation, I stayed outside the dealer alongside the salesman Octavio Ibarra who made me feel discriminated by telling me to take the truck and don't pay for 3 months so that a repo guy could take it, implying that I was complaining about my monthly payment and could not afford a truck of that cost which is not true because this is not about money but about fixing the truck I spent 100k on. I told him that I am asking for my truck to be fixed properly because in the situation I had before with the other truck they offered me 20k but they currently don't want to fix a mistake they made. After these conversations ended and they were both inside I decided to call Ford corporate and my insurance.


Don’t buy from dealerships that markup there cars.

I stopped by to look at the new Broncos the MSRP was $59,899 and with KG markup it was $89,899 I can’t believe ford motor company allows this from dealership’s. The salesman told me if you order one there is no markup and I ask how long does it take to get one he said 2 years. Most of the dealerships have these on there lots now Don’t buy from dealers that do markups on there vehicles.


If your looking for good services don't use Ken Gurdy....

If your looking for good services don't use Ken Gurdy. They have horrible customer service!!! Tried buying from them and they never got back to me should had known service department would be just as bad.


IVY has the best customer service EVER. Thank you

Relands Ford dealership is the best. IVY served me and I am not gonna lie to you she has the best customer service ever. She is very calm to listen to you and does not rush you to anything. She gave me the best deal to trade in my Ford transit van 2017. I don't even know how to thank her. I highly recommend Redlands Ford. Even the other staff are very helpful.


I bought my 2019 Ford Ranger a few days ago in one of the...

I bought my 2019 Ford Ranger a few days ago in one of the MOST PAINLESS FASHION. Rene Mancia made it possible. All transaction was done remotely and finally after all the finalization of my paper work. Rene personally delivered our Truck. We took it for a spin around the block, he explained the vehicle to us and we gave him our Down payment. He Uber himself back. It was PAINLESS!!! And Rene was FANTASTIC!!


Had an issue with my new truck and I’m leaving on a trip!...

Had an issue with my new truck and I’m leaving on a trip! But Amber and the service dept went above and beyond so we can leave this morning!Ive never had service like this before from a dealership ! I’m blown away at their level of service! Highly recommend this dealership!!!👍


Lax at Ken Groody Ford was very helpful. She was able to...

Lax at Ken Groody Ford was very helpful. She was able to help me trade in 2 of my vehicles and keep my payments where they needed to be with very little effort on my part. I had been to 3 other dealerships in Redlands that day looking for transit connect style vans and was disappointed when the other dealerships said my rates would be dramatically higher because of my credit. I highly recommend calling Lax up and see if she can help you get into a 0% loan. I will be doing more business with this dealership in the future. Very pleased with my experience. Thank you


Helpful and respectful

Even though I didn’t purchase new or used they were very helpful in my search I told them what I was looking for and they provided me with a very substantial group of vehicles. I’ll be sure to head on back when I do decide on buying a new car!!

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