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This seller has been on since June 2014.
Bob Wade Autoworld. Built on family values we continue to honor the dealer to customer relationship. Providing excellent products trusted service and an experience that exceeds expectations. Maintaining the Valley's standards of business we look forward to assisting your family and introducing you to ours.
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(515 reviews)

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We just purchased a Subaru Forester and absolutely love...

We just purchased a Subaru Forester and absolutely love it! Maddy was our salesperson and took such good care of us throughout the process. She was so knowledgeable and personable, and really listened to what we were looking for. She wasn’t pushy at all which we appreciated! We had a great follow up experience with other staff as well, Rolando and Susan; we are grateful for all their care! First time Subaru owners and we are impressed so far. Thank you, Bob Wade!


This young man is excellent!! I highly recommend anyone...

This young man is excellent!! I highly recommend anyone to ask for him. He explained with details and was very helpful and polite. He wasn't pressuring but understanding. Please ask for Rolando for your next vehicle


After the last incident when I walked out refusing to pay...

After the last incident when I walked out refusing to pay a bogus service bill, I tried twice to call and talk to either John Wade or John Moore, and neither would take my calls or bother to call me back. I also emailed this whole description of issues via their website and no one bothered to address it there either. After repeated automated service calls and texts from the dealership after I have requested to be removed from that list, I am just going to make this all public now. It kills me to have to write all of this, but its been a long time coming. I was so pleased with your dealership when we bought our Lincoln that I even started having you do the work on my F250 as well. There have been issues for a while now, but I always shrugged it off because I was dealing with the prestigious Lincoln Dealership and in my head, there was just no better. I guess up until recently, there was time for the ashes to settle between incidents, so being taken advantage of and being downright lied to did not seem to sting so badly. There is a SERIOUS disconnect between your service manager, service writer and technicians. Every time I call with a problem with my vehicles and talk to John Moore (who is an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise), I get a whole lot of overpromising, but the actual service and outcomes are severely lacking. John always talks like the issues are a pretty simple fix, but by the time I get the actual quotes, your technicians misdiagnose and want to replace entire systems rather than just fixing what’s broken, and the pricing is absolutely through the roof. To make it worse, I get charged asinine prices to tell me what we already know. I’ll lay out some examples for you. 8/20 The stereo on the Lincoln started developing some issues. The touch screen slowly stopped responding to touch. When I spoke to John, he said it was likely a loose wire somewhere. No Big deal. Your tech diagnosed it and said the APIM and FCDIM had to be replaced at the tune of $1300. You charged me $100 just to look at it and misdiagnose it. I took it apart and it was EXACTLY like John said…….The ribbon cable connecting the glass to the unit was lose. I literally just pressed it back onto the glass. The cost of the repair? Nothing!!!!! And you were about to yank me to replace something that didn’t need to be replaced all because your tech didn’t actually know what he was doing. 9/20 The motor blew in the Lincoln. Fortunately, we had an extended warranty and Grady really went to bat to see to that we were taken care of. I paid $1800 out of pocket to go ahead and get new motor because this is a really nice car and I wanted to keep it that way. During the install, your techs got grease all over the interior. You were kind enough to detail the car, but the grease never came out of the floor mats. John sold me a new set for $55.25. I was not in the mood to argue morals. The fact that you ruined our floor mats due to laziness and neglect and then have the audacity to charge me to replace them should have spoken volumes then and there. But I was dealing with the prestigious Bob Wade Lincoln, best of the best. So again, I turned the other cheek. 10/20 I brought my truck in for an oil change and tire rotation. I’ve owned this truck for 2 years before coming to you and had all of my center caps intact. You had done a couple services before this and I had already lost two center caps due to your techs over tightening the screws and stripping them out. Upon picking up my truck this time, I saw one of the caps were loose and flopping around. John and Paulo came out and cross threaded a bigger bolt in its place to try to get it to stay on. That center cap was gone within a week. Now I have 1 left out of 4. And they don’t make this wheel or center cap anymore. Thanks A lot Prestigious Lincoln. 3/21 The rear end was going out on my truck. I spoke to John and determined that it was definitely going to need to be replaced. I told him that I had gotten a quote for 6k for a Jasper and even he himself thought that was high. He said ‘We can certainly beat the price of that Jasper’ and even put a locker in instead of the stock rear carrier. So I limped the truck in. Your tech opened it up to inspect it and tell me what we already knew, quoted me 9 grand to replace it and then you charged me $264 just to look at it and tell me what we already knew. WT actual F?!?!?!?! Of course John Moore wasn’t around to talk to, so I had the truck towed to a well known local shop who specializes in this kind of thing and it was replaced with a locker and 1 piece drive shaft for 2500 bucks. 6/8 A plastic piece broke on the Lincoln sunroof and it would not close properly. John said he would look at it when I picked up my truck on the next service and said its usually just a small plastic guide. No big deal. I brought my truck in for an oil change, tire rotation and alignment. I had purchased some universal replacement aftermarket chrome center caps online replace the ones you lost and to be put on while the wheels were getting rotated. Your tech could not figure out how to put them on, but gouged 1 all up with the impact gun in the process of trying. (He also spilled oil all over my new engine, so for weeks, it smells like oil burning every time I come to a stop) When I pulled out, I realized that you forgot to do the alignment, and you could not fit it in that day, so I had to come back the following week to have it done. In the commotion dealing with the hiccups on the truck, we forgot to have the sunroof looked at. 6/16 I brought the truck in for the alignment. I waited on it this time. After about an hour, Paulo came out and said that something had broken on the alignment machine and it could not be done now. You are one of two places in town even capable of doing the alignment on my truck and the other shop was booked until July. This was now a major setback because we were supposed to be taking the truck on vacation the following week and driving it on the beach. Such great prestige Lincoln!! Now, I had to spend even more money to rent a 4x4 truck last minute for our vacation. 6/23 I dropped the Lincoln off to have the sunroof looked at. Paulo called me the next day while I was on my way to the beach and somehow the little easy guide fix that John thought has turned into a 7 thousand dollar we need to replace the whole system repair. Now Im pissed. I told Paulo to leave the car outside the gate and we would pick up Sunday night when we returned. I then called back and said a friend was coming to get the car. When he got there, no one could find the keys and Paulo was unreachable. When we returned Sunday afternoon, the car was behind the gate and not out on the lot where Paulo said it would be. Now I was really hot. I was already over mileage on the rental truck, which I only had to begin with because of you, but now I need to keep it another day because you have our car locked up. 6/26 We came back to pick up the Lincoln. Paulo and I made some small talk about the missing keys. He looked around and then found them in a bucket with a bill attached. I refused to pay it. Had a small outburst and I left. Getting in the car, we see a bunch of dirt and grease smudges on the ceiling and marks on the sunroof curtain. And you have the audacity to try to charge me?!?!?! Prestigious Lincoln at its best again!! This is where the disconnect it. John has been absolutely right with EVERYTHING he has diagnosed both over the phone and in person, but by the time the vehicles come out of the shop, the issues are embellished, fabricated and downright lied about and somehow I keep getting stuck with the bill for your technician’s incompetence. I’ve done nothing but rave about and defend your dealership ever since we have owned our Lincoln, and looking back, I don’t even know why. xxxx near every time I have been there, there has been a problem, but I always just shake it off because we are all human and make mistakes. Well mistakes add up!! When I look at the big picture, I am drawn to a couple conclusions. Either you support these types of shady business practices or you are completely oblivious to it. I certainly hope for your sake that it is the latter. I also hope that these incidents are your way of saying you don’t want my business anymore and that you don’t screw over everyone like this.


I purchased my car from out of state & Chris was super in...

I purchased my car from out of state & Chris was super in Face-Timing with me to do a virtual tour of the car. After that, he test drove it for me & walked me through all aspects of the car ( history, maintenance, features, etc) I felt assured that I was in good hands & this experience was made even better when my car arrived 2 days later to my front gate. Talk about great service all around! Thank you Chris!!!!


I bought a car back in January, and Tera was my...

I bought a car back in January, and Tera was my salesperson. She was great, She was organized, efficient, responsive, patient, knowledgeable, and had a good sense of humor. She went above and beyond in making sure I was comfortable with all the “new” technology. Would highly recommend her.


We had a great experience with Bob Wade Subaru. Steve was...

We had a great experience with Bob Wade Subaru. Steve was an amazing salesperson and Rolando did a wonderful job orienting us our new car!


Jamie had an associate (Candice)"get back with me" and...

Jamie had an associate (Candice)"get back with me" and answered my question very accurately and professionally. I have since received the title to the vehicle


Maddy is a wonderful sales rep, and it's apparent that...

Maddy is a wonderful sales rep, and it's apparent that she works WITH customers in order to get the best prices available. I never felt pressured to buy, and all of my questions were answered to the best possible extent. Maddy came in to my test drive prepared to answer all my questions on prices and features. Maddy was also very personable and professional. I'd recommend anyone to do business with Maddy, they'll be in good hands.


Jamie was excellent to work with to finalize the deal on...

Jamie was excellent to work with to finalize the deal on a 2021 Lincoln Nautilus. He did his job in trying to sell the warranties, etc, but was not pushy like some dealerships. . Bob Wade is a very friendly dealership unlike some here in Northern, Va. Both the Sales and Finance departments were a pleasure to work with......... usually buying a car is a hassle, but this experience was not like that. I live 100 miles away, but may take the car to Bob Wade for it's regular service,why not I am a native of the area.


Jaime was very clear, fair in pricing, and patient while...

Jaime was very clear, fair in pricing, and patient while I figured out the best loan term for my situation. Thank you for a great experience!

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