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This seller has been on since September 2022.
The only National Quality Dealer Of The Year McCloskey Motors has been family owned and operated since 1989 - and still is today! We've been ranked #1 in auto financing 3 years running and have numerous other awards including internet dealer of the year AND we are the only local auto dealer to carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau! We offer some of the most competitive PRICING anywhere in our national market! Our core is that we sell and service used cars and used trucks.
Selling and servicing used cars and trucks!

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(294 reviews)

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Dishonest and greedy

They will do whatever they need to do get you to buy a car and that includes lying to you to get you to sign your life away for a car. They say you can take a car and return it within a certain time period and you won't need to worry about it. When I did that they tried to get me to keep the car after I returned it due to it being unsatisfactory. They wanted me to pay for it even after letting me drive off the lot in it. When I brought it back I refused to pay anything for it as they wanted and I literally had to call the police on them because they were threatening me. I told them to take the car but I would not pay for it when I was never told that would be the case if I drove it off the lot. I was supposed to be able to drive it for a week and if I wanted to return it I could. Never a mention of me needing to pay anything if I decided I didn't want it. Anyway I ended up leaving the car with them and going elsewhere because the car wasn't even worth what they wanted to it. My advice, Never go to them for a car! They're unprofessional and they will manipulate anyone they think they can and try to get away with it.

Dealer response

This is wild. We do not advise that people, "take a car and return it within a certain time period..." that is not something we offer or advertise or imply. Just as there are rules and laws in place to protect consumers, there are rules and laws in place that protect businesses as well. You cannot just facilitate driving a vehicle and then return it at your leisure. We offer quality vehicles at fair prices, and you deal with real, regular people. It's disappointing someone (you) would leave a review that is just so far-fetched.


Great service, Thanks Adam!

I have received expert and reasonably priced auto service at Mccloskey for over 8 years. I recently had my 2003 Astro Van, which I did not buy there, serviced at their expert service dept. for a very fair price, much less than other quotes. In particular I would like to thank Adam who went out of his way to research the least expensive options and was a joy to deal with. Kudos.

Dealer response

Thank you Joe! We think Adam is pretty awesome too! We appreciate you!



The worst of worst nightmare ive been in the last 7 months. First time buying a car, and pretty excited about it all. It started with signing day, yep went over papers, the only one I had signed was purchaser aggrement, after that my sales manager that ended up leaving about 2 weeks after, did this auto sign off his computer. He did ask me if that was ok, not thinking that a CAR DEALERSHIP would mess things up.. i was asked that if it ever was comedown to someone asking me if i signed im suppossed to say, YES, that should have my sign that this place is faulty. Got home about 2 weeks later i contacted my salesmen and manager,(both dont work there anymore) told them that the miles on my paperwork was wrong, about 42,000 over what my odometer read. I dont understand, exp when I did my own digging over the last 6 month to buy my own get a CARFAX, bc they said that CARFAX has unreliable information, they go thru CarCredit that only showed info to 2016, and nothing after that, not even the accident that happen in2014. with CARFAX it showed from birth of car. It also showed 16days before i bought the car that it was serviced at a very highly recommended shop, and they reported the miles at 114,!!! but sold me it at 151.!!!. I also had a new engine put in from Hyundai,bc it went out, but after they checked it out, it had to be under140,000 to replace free. Guess what it did, as well as 4 other documents on top of the CARFAX showing that the number IN my car was less then that 151!!! I was dismissed over and over on this, when i needed what ever noise that was coming from the front end,that when i relized, well was told that the warranty i bought with the car was no longer good bc of the number on paperwork, and what showed in car. It came down to asking Tom, the owners son, to figure this out together. HE did pay for my struts to be fix free of charge, bc there service dept said that is what was wrong with the frontend, BUT IT WASNT.. and then him and i talked about he was going to call me the next tuesday after he had talked to the DMV.. NEVER got a call back, i called everyday, went in the shop 3 days out of two weeks trying to get ahold of him. Passed on to Jessica who said she cant help me but pass message. Never got a call back, I even emailed TOM and nothing. I had to file a dealship complaint, and thats when everything comes out, lies, BS, and puttng the blaime off them. Needless to say, yea I didnt come out on the top of it. Was told that my paperwork backs up my statement, but so does theres. Funny thing is there proff is a pre-purchese form that was done in house. So ofcourse its going to say what they want. It sucks that my car value has dropped bc of miss read numbers, bc it was only off by 2 miles if it was read correct, not 151, but 115. Crazy that common sence is not seen or understood. But either I, 5;2 135lbs have know understanding even had to do breaks on a car, could possable know how to turn back mileage in a car as it was suggest to me. Or somehow the car drove alost 42,000 miles in 16 day included the day i bought it. PLEASE PLEASE DONT TRUST THIS COMPANY, THE OWNERS DONT CARE AND HALF A#* THERE WORK AND ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND COMMON SENSE.

Dealer response

This is spam and being placed repeatedly by the same person. This complaint has been investigated and nothing was found done incorrectly or inappropriately by McCloskey Motors. The claims made by the person in this review are false.


Made good on their promise

About 6 months ago I had an unsatisfactory service experience there. They were nice and apologetic. They made it right at the time and told me my next oil change would be free. I really didn't think anything of it since I didn't have it in writing. Well, to my surprise it was documented and Marcial followed through and took care of it without me even asking. I appreciate the follow through and the effort they took. Good job guys and thank you Marcial!

Dealer response

Robert, thank you for the kind review. We are happy to hear that everything was taken care of satisfactorily. We always appreciate kind referrals and look forward to your continued business in the future.



These snakes in the grass will DO ANYTHING to make a sale including lying to a single dad with a kid looking for NOTHING more than a safe vehicle and ERIC MAY charmed me into a death trap not caring if it was safe or not, less than 1000 miles later and never touched a highway my “new purchase” now has an estimated(by their mechanics) 3,000$ worth of repairs and when I asked what my extensive (priced) warranty covered, guess what they said? NOT A xxxx THING. Thes crap company just sold me a useless car and are doing NOTHING to make it right. If you’re needing the basic necessity of driving a safe car,… DONT SHOP HERE. Go elsewhere and thank me later.

Dealer response

Brent, this is pretty surprising to read since we contacted you about 6 weeks after the purchase and you expressed to us how amazing everyone and everything had been. I can see we haven't talked since that time in early April. If you are experiencing a problem, why not just give us a call. I'll email Eric to reach out as well.


2nd vehicle purchase here in 3 months

Chuck was very helpful, friendly and courteous. He did a great job and got us through the buying process with ease. The whole team seems eager to help. 2nd purchase at this location in 3 months. Thank you!

Dealer response

Thank you Corey! We appreciate you!



Terrible took advantage of my daughter. She called them several times to try and work something out with them due to her not being satisfied or safe in the car and they never returned her call. I called and they were rude. Definitely not recommend them.

Dealer response

Hi Madmom, We always appreciate feedback. We're sorry that you feel things didn't work out the way you may have liked. It's hard for us to see the overall scope being unaware of the customer. Feel free to have the customer contact us.


not a good idea

McCloskey is a joke especially on its advertisements. The cars are overpriced as well as the insurance package they try to sell you. I feel like I made the worst deal ever. I traded my vehicle in for a supposed 7500 but with the tech insurance package they say is dumb not to take, it goes back to close to the original price. I wish I never sold my vehicle there or got an overpriced mitsubishi. I am completely upside down as far as value goes. Buyer beware

Dealer response

Ramirez, we're sorry that you feel that way. We always shop and compare to others in the market to stay competitive. Any additional products are always an optional purchase.


Extended Warranty information withheld!

The only reason that I'm leaving 1 star is because I believe that the sales team are not the "high-quality" dealership that they claim to be. About a month and a half ago I decided to purchase a vehicle from Mr. McCloskey at McCloskey motors. After purchasing a used diesel truck for a little over $60k, which was a decent deal. Decent, not especially good, I drove it for about 3 weeks before things started to go wrong. First I noticed that the oil was nearly 6 months beyond when it should have been changed. No problem though, I called, they changed it. A week later the door lock quits working, and the batteries needed replaced ($500) so I replaced them myself, and for the door locks, not wanting to deal with McCloskey anymore and since I prefer to have my vehicle maintenance done at the dealership I scheduled an appointment at a local GMC dealership to get the work done. I wasn't worried about it since I paid nearly $5,000 for a "comprehensive extended warranty". The dealership calls and informs me that only McCloskey can do warranty work, yet McCloskey never informed me of that. So now, I HAVE to take it to McCloskey to have work done. I wouldn't be upset if I had been told of this. Yes, apparently it's on the 7th page of the contract I signed that I don't have a copy of. I thought I was dealing with an honest dealership and didn't think I needed to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. But I should have! I would have never purchased the warranty if I had known this stipulation was in the contract that was conveniently never given a copy of! Despite what "Best of the Springs" may tell you, these people are your average run of the mill used car dealers. I thought I was dealing with the "Best of the Springs"? If this is the best the Springs has to offer then we're in trouble. If you're buying from McCloskey make sure to read every line of your contract, because if given the opportunity they will get one over on you!



McCloskey Motors advertises that they STRIVE to provide ASSURANCE,TRUST,VALUE AND QUALITY. That's FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!! McClosky Motors is going to end up in a HUGE lawsuit because they're selling vehicles that have mechanical issues that shouldn't even be on the road.The crappy cars they're selling are going to end up in an accident because of mechanical issues McCloskey failed to fix or resolve!

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