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(17 reviews)

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Customer service sucks!!!

The start of my purchase at the Dulles Store was good. I took the car home, went to program my radio and found the touch screen didn't work, found several scratches in the front window and the rubber seal on the sun roof was damaged. I called the sales man and he asked that I contact the service department and they would handle it. So, I couldn't get a appointment until after my 7 day return time was up. Note, I only had the car a week prior to dropping it off. I drop the car off on September 29th and didn't get my car back until October 20th (over 3 weeks). The radio was replaced and I was told a new seal would be install in the sun roof but not the case as they attempted to glue the old gasket in place which pulled out as soon as I opened the sun roof. I was also told that the scratches in the window would not be addressed as it wasn't that bad and James told me we had to spend a lot replacing the radio and we're not replacing the glass because it meets our standards. I went to Car Max because I thought I would get quality service and a good car. I guess selling a car with a malfunctioning radio, possible leaking sun roof and damaged wind shield is how they do business. I guess they are okay with it. Make sure you look over the car very well if you plan to purchase here. Last thing, they want me to bring the car back to replace the seal that should have been done while the cars was there for 3 weeks. I guess they want to keep it another few weeks while they make a second attempt to fixing it. xxxx, I just got it back and you need me to drop it off again.


Shocker - BAD Experience

Son bought his first car on Thursday late. Drove home and parked it until Friday evening to find he had a flat tire. Took it to a Ford service center who told him the nail was in the tire for quite a while and was too close to the sidewall to repair. Didn't drive all weekend. Went back to CarMax on Monday due to having a warranty, where the VERY RUDE and condescending Service Tech told him not their problem (without even looking at the tire) since it was driven off the lot. Talked to sales rep who said Management was standing by the VERY RUDE Service Tech's statement and wouldn't do anything for him. Moral of the Story - CarMax, with all their fancy advertising and showrooms, are no more reputable than the always seen side of the road car dealer. And they wonder why they get such a bad reputation.


Review on reviews

I went to their lot to look for a used vehicle. I did not get much help. However I noticed that they appreciate and respond to good reviews but totally ignore the bad ones. Not even an apology. This is not a very good sign.


What a joke.

I don’t know where to even start with what is wrong with this place. I have never been to another physical CarMax lot so I don’t have anything to compare this one to, but I can only hope for the company’s sake that this location is just one of their rotten eggs. When I went there to take my car in for an estimate on a trade in, they offered me $2500.00 below the Kelley blue book value and would not explain to me why, I was instead handed a printout of a bunch of random numbers on a page that justified their $500.00 offer. This was the first interaction I had after stepping onto their lot and I couldn’t believe it. It felt like they just didn’t care at all. Next, I told the salesperson about the type of vehicle I was looking to get that day, which price range I felt comfortable staying in, and it’s as though the moment I said that price the salesman shut his mind off. He spent another 2-3 minutes with me before he said he had to excuse himself for a moment to go finalize a sale with another customer and he would be right back. I ended up waiting another 30 minutes or so, walked around the lot looking at the car choices, and realized he wasn’t coming back to help me. Horrible customer service. The entire place reeks of a poorly managed sleazy car lot and they have made sure to mark up all of their inventory by an outrageous amount to ensure they have plenty of wiggle room to haggle down the price with you but not lose in the process.


worst mistake of my adult life

My husband I spent over 8 hours at the dealership with our 2 month old baby and got swindled into trading in for a 2008 Kia Sedona sold for 10k. 20 minutes after we drove off the lot we were down about a half tank of gas. We were totally displeased with the dishonesty, the wait time, the dysfunctional sales team who took about an hour to get our paperwork finished. 8 months later and we regret our decision every single day. Now we are stuck in huge debt, and a crappy car that drinks $10 in gas each day. They live up to the "used car salesman" title. I wish we had cut the crap and left after the first 30 minutes.


Shady Dealership

I had found a car online to replace one that was recently wrecked. I place the car on hold and had a phone call and emails with Matthew from the CarMax in Dulles VA. He explained that I needed the car moved to the Carmax I was going to pick it up from and he explained the process...Good! I was traveling but wanted this LR4 to replace the one that had just been in a head on collision. I put all my ducks in a row, had the loan set up with my bank, called the Carmax in Loveland, CO (they were very helpful) to have the car transferred only to learn that the LR4 that was still supposed to be on hold for me was sold to someone else!!! I assume Matthew S. and the store were unwilling to give up the commission. I called the store to talk to the manager and was told he was unavailable even though the Loveland CarMax had just spoken with him. I left my name and number but will not hold my breath. I assume from other reviews of this store that this is something that happens more often than not.


Terrible Customer service - NEVER Carmax again

I feel like 1 star is too much for the customer service here - they are awful. Scheduled an appt. with 1 person who did not greet me, then handed me off to someone else who knew NOTHING about the car i was interested in. I bought this car 4 years ago and also just found out that Carmax did not disclose after market wiring that the previous owner had done, completely disabling the use of the trailer hitch hookup lights. Taking the Carmax logo off the bumper was the only satisfying thing about my experience.



Process was fine up until we were waiting to sign papers which took over an hour. Salesmen were ALL OVER the showroom just walking around, yet they’re short staffed in the Finance areas. Why not cross train some of these guys to help the customer experience!


Good Experience

The sales associate I working with was great, very accommodating as I had children with me. It was a bit difficult because they were renovating at the time I was there and they usually have a kids area. I?m sure it will be a little easier when everything is finished. The only slow part was actually signing the papers for the vehicle purchase because the business office was behind and what was originally predicted to me to take one hour took almost 2.5 hours.


Great experience. Fair, fast and felt positive.

This was the first time that I've used CarMax... always felt that the "no-haggle" thing was just a grift. It's not. Very fairly priced car in pristine condition. They even transferred it for free. Transaction was relatively quick and painless as well. They were even able to take care of the REAL tags and title there as well. If you do your pricing research, they are most definitely an option. And thankfully there was no sleazy salesman vibe or upwelling. Would gladly use them again. Oh, and they actually FILLED the tank, which USED TO BE commonplace, and I didn't have to ask.

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