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(15 reviews)

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Poor experience

Worst buying experience ever. Purchase a car from Carmax on 11/20. Returned the car back to them on 11/21 at their request because the center console was frozen( couldn’t control the major function of the car) and electronic glove box kept open. Call for a status update on my car 11/23 was made aware the car was never looked and service is not open on the weekend. Therefore the car can’t be looked at until Monday. Keep in mind no loaner car was offered. Call Monday to follow on my vehicle was left on hold for 45 minutes once they recognized it was me. Called Customer Relations because service was ignoring my call. They promise to reach out to service and call me back, they never called back. Tuesday after being left on hold for 30 minutes, the service tech said the vehicle was ready. I had to pay an Uber to go pick up the car. ( I live 15 miles from store)Once I got there service manager Rob came out and apologized, said my car not ready they had to jump the car and they hear a grinding noise believe it’s the brakes......(so much for there 125 point inspection and Maryland state inspection they completed.) Manager said there going to look at it and give me a call within the hour. Finally offered a loaner, never call me back about my car. Wednesday I called to follow on my car was left on hold again saying the manager would call me when he finished dealing with a customer. Never received a call from the Manager. Call customer relations again, they said we going to call the shop and call you back with an update. Once again they never called back. It was the day before the holiday I called an hour before the service center close and they finally said you car is ready. I picked the car up Wednesday night drove it home and parked it for the night. The next day was thanksgiving morning, the battery was dead, I had to call roadside assistance to get a jump then drove the car to my family house for thanksgiving dinner. While eating thanksgiving dinner my family told me you car hazards lights are on and flashing. I Cut the hazard lights off. Hour later family neighbor knocked on the door saying my hazards lights were on again. This problem continued throughout the weekend. I call the guy Daniel that sold me the car he sent my call to voicemail, I followed up with a text. Daniel never responded. I left a message for the service Manager Rob, he never returned my call. I spend the weekend periodically cutting off the car hazard lights so the battery would not drain. Monday I decided that Carmax is not going to return my call so I’ll make an appointment with service department and just deal with the problem until they can see the car. The Service Department told me the earliest appointment they had was for 12/13. (Keep in mind it’s the 12/1 now.) I accepted the appointment. Monday evening service Manager Rob calls saying he recognized my name on the appointment sheet and requested I bring the car in Tuesday morning at 8. Tuesday morning I drop the car off, Rob said I’m sending the car to the dealer today I will call you later today with an update. Rob never called. Wednesday morning I received call from Service saying “transportation just drop the car off to the dealer today. “ call you with an update this afternoon. No one called back. Thursday afternoon, I called service for an update and spoke with someone name Heather. She went on the say “we just dropped off the car to dealer today.” I’ll call u with an update later. I made Heather aware that service called yesterday and said my car was drop off yesterday. Why is she saying something different.She couldn’t answer me. She was kind enough to tell me what dealer my car was at. Once I ended the phone call with Heather I called the dealer and was made aware that Carmax never drop off a car and they was not expecting a car from CarMax. I called customer relations and spoke with a rep and she apologized like they always do and committed to call me back after they speak with Managem


Sharon Kensler-White

I purchased a Nissan rouge, told the dealer what I want in my rouge and they found it for me. I also purchased a camero. Professional staff. I will always get my cars from Carmax in Whitemarsh



I initially traded and purchased my new vehicle at this facility and the sale process was fine. My sales person was great and very attentive. However, when it came to their customer service, it wasn't as great; service was horrible. I actually spoke to several difference associates, who refuse to communicate with each other, in order to get service and even when that was done, the quality of service and repairs were unacceptable. I brought my car in for them to satisfy repairs from an inspection and ended up with additional damage to the car (minor) from them leaving my vehicle on the customer parking lot. Needless to say, I'm very frustrated and would never, ever recommend this dealer to anyone. If you're able to get a good and honest sales person from this facility and they are able to get you through the buying process without any're good. Just don't ever have to take the vehicle back for any type of service or repairs.


Poor service

Very hard to get someone to answer the phone in service,takes way too long to get car repaired.Repairs are not satisfactory and cars are not looked over for maintenance items.


What a bunch of liers and cheats!!! Worst place

Walked in to get my car appraised and was looking to get the wife a new car. The appraisal process took about 30 minutes and I was told that my vehicle had some serious issues. I was given a low ball number because of these issues. I then took my car to a certified ford dealership to have it looked at since it is under warranty. They informed me that nothin was wrong with my truck and I was lied to by carmax!!!! Lied to ! I would never trust these people bunch of snakes trying to rip people off.


Never again!

I will NEVER purchase from carmax again. Purchased a 2015 BMW x4 in february 2018. The salesperson didn't seem very knowledgeable but I had done research that I felt comfortable with. Within the first two months of having the car, it was leaking a darl.fluid in my driveway and the AC stopped working on the passenger side. Took it to carmax. Did an overnight drop off. They didn't call me at all for a day and a half. When i called, they lost my car. Swore I didn't drop it off. Worried me for an hour. They found my keys and my car in the spot that I said it was. Next day called me. Said nothing was wrong. Claimed A.C. worked and told me the fluid was water from the A.C. unit draining....but the fluid was dark brown. They said they would keep my car another day for testing. Same result the next day. Nothing wrong. I picked up my car and while in the carmax garage, prior to leaving, u turned my ac on and hit the gas. Didnt work. They were about to close. Took the car home. I was told that the manager would call next day. Never did. A week or two later, I get an emergency message saying fluids are emergently low and that it needed immediate attention. Could this be the leak because I had just gotten an oil change the month before. Took it in. They said nothing was wrong with it....AGAIN. They said fluids were fine. No leak. They still claimed A.C. was working, even though there was a considerable difference in temperature from driver vs. Passenger sides. Took it up feeling leary. A few days later, while on the highway, my car broke down without warning. I struggled to get it to start. When it finally did, it would only go 30 mph. I no longer trusted carmax. I took it to a BMW dealer. Not only did it have an oil leak. It had 2 bad cylinders. A bad battery and.....THE AC WAS BROKEN! I got it fixed through BMW and immediately traded it in...taking an $9k loss on the trade in. Between the poor knowledge of the salesperson, the incompetent service and management of the service department and the cars terrible condition, I can't even give this place 1 star. There was no concern whatsoever. I had the car for 6 months. I lost 9K on trade in and also lost my $7k down from my previous trade in of my paid off vehicle. So I'm pretty livid.

Dealer response

Thank you for taking the time to share a review about your experience. We strive to provide support for you as our customer during every phase of ownership, including any service concerns that arise. We understand that you have sold the vehicle elsewhere at this point, but we'll absolutely take your feedback to heart. We're grateful that you provided us with these details so we can explore how to continue improving our service in the future. - Your Customer Care Team


My First experience buying a car.

White Marsh CarMax treated me excellent. After being married for 34 years,I had never bought a car on my own. My husband had done all the dealings for all our cars. He passed away 11 months ago. It was certainly a big life issue for me. My salesman Zack was very professional and not pushy at all.My daughter has dealt with Carmax for her cars in the past. She convinced me to try them. I can say I was not let down in any way. I traded my car and bought a 2016 Toyota Rav4. Very low mileage and like new.Drives so smooth. If I ever need a car in the future, Carmax will be my place to shop. Thank you for making my First Car buying experience a pleasure.


Harassment to make a purchase!

I visited the location and was less then impressed with the dirty cars and obviously cosmetic damage. I did not buy and wouldn’t suggest anyone else buy from them either! Then for the past two months have gotten calls three times a week and voicemails. I didn’t call back so clearly I’m not interested. Then I get a text and two calls with a voicemail all of ten mins apart from a guy named Jeff Ball and he said he got me as a lead. Smh! I call to speak with a manger whom I’m not even sure if he was named Kyle and he says that is there sales strageries to do a follow up call. Well I got 24 calls and ten text messages! I wish I could attach them here! It’s outrageous and he didn’t even apologize! BUYERS BEWARE!


Great customer service!

We had a great experience with our salesperson, Marty Swank, at Carmax, White Marsh. He was very professional, knowledgeable and not high pressure. We went in for just an appraisal of our car. He ended up changing our mind from a new car to buying a car from Carmax. We bought a 2016 Subaru Forester. It had everything I wanted and more affordable. It also had very low mileage. We are very satisfied with our purchase.


Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Elias was wonderful to work with. Excellent customer service and very thorough. Highly recommend him!

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