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Misleading Dealer Fees advertised

I made a deal and gave a down payment. General manager cancelled deal next day. Dealer fees were doubled compared to advertised post. I explained to him and he did not care and said he doesn’t control what puts on their site which isn’t true. Week later I get an email fromVP Ryan Irish asking me about my experience and I sent detailed explanation to Mr Irish of my experience and that was 3 weeks ago and no response at all!


Long duck dong

Solid place to buy service your vehicle. Thanks granite run. Best deals on sales and brake jobs. Will bring all my vehicles there when it comes time for service needs



STAY FAR AWAY! Really didn’t think car dealerships like this existed anymore. They will try to get over on you any chance they get. This dealership only cares about lining their own pockets and making as much money as possible. I understand it’s a business and everyone is entitled to make a bit of profit but they will make sure you get the worst offer possible.They presented numbers in a shady way and then when you ask for a copy they don’t let you take them with you. Every other dealership I went to gave me a nicely printed out sheet with their deal, meanwhile this one wouldn’t even let me take a picture of their offer.... probably so they could switch it up and make more money selling me the same car out of spite because I didn’t buy it right away. Absolutely will not be back EVER. I don’t recommend buying any car from this place new or used. The only care about getting that handshake to get the deal and then will stab you in the back the first chance they get.They just need to be upfront and honest with people but they clearly haven’t learned their lesson based on some previous reviews. I would give 0 stars if possible.


seems like bait and switch

I saw a car that looked good, that had been for sale around 20 days, so I sent an inquiry around 930 AM on a Saturday to find out if it was still available. I was emailed right back about that specific car, telling me how nice it was, asking me if my trade in had a sunroof, etc. But not actually saying they had the car. So I emailed back about 90 minutes later with a "So that's a yes, the car is available?" And was emailed back, oh so sorry, that just sold. It is possible that a car that had been on the lot for 20 days was still unsold at 930 that AM, and did not even have anyone looking at it, and then someone just happened to swoop in and snap it up. But it seems unlikely to me. A straight yes or no email at 9:30 would have been helpful, instead of the automated runa round I got. I feel like I was being catfished, so I steered clear. Maybe you will have better luck.


Great place to buy a car.

We had searched high and low for the perfect used car. Drove to dealers from the Jersey shore to Burlington County to Warrington, PA. Found it at Granite Run at a GREAT price. Very easy to work with!!


Unpleasant experience to say the least

I was looking for a used car for my son on a budget of $5,000 to $7,000. I found a car at Granite and submitted an inquiry through A dealer rep (Alex) emailed me back and I asked if the car was still available. He said that it was and we confirmed that I would be there in less than an hour to look at it. I thought he would have had the car and a salesperson somewhat ready. When I walked in they were obviously not expecting me and the salesman had to look into where the car was at. He found that it was in the budget lot a few miles away but that there were people looking at it who planned to buy it. As I came to find out, those people were there prior to my emailing Alex, who apparently did NOTHING in response to my email. The salesman then drew my attention to another car (also in the budget lot) and we drove down there to see it. Upon driving it there was obviously a problem with one of the rear wheels and/or brakes. The lone employee/manager at the budget lot emphatically said that he would not fix the car and that it passed inspection which was good enough for them. Both the salesman and the manager did a considerable amount of complaining about Alex (for not even checking as to whether the car was available) as well as their own service department. The budget lot manager claimed that their service department charges them the same labor rate as a person off the street, which is why he could only offer the car in a state of disrepair. After I left I called back to speak to the manager but never heard back. Later in the day I got a canned email from Alex, who was apparently oblivious to the problems he'd created. You know a dealership has problems when instead of trying to make things right and work out a deal they are bad-mouthing each other to customers. Don't waste your time.


Easy to work with

Don was nice, very friendly and I love my car. I would probably like to have known my payment before the papers were all ready to sign though.


Not impressed

While communication and replies to internet inquiries were very quick, to be told twice in one week that the same vehicle was "out for detailing" once after we were already at the dealership and once after we had a confirmed test drive appointment, is highly suspect. Go elsewhere where your time is actually valued.


Not happy

Even though i bought my buick from honda two years ago i went to buick gmc thinking that they would know better how to take care of my car. My first time bringing it in they told me "Buick Has problems with there oil, so i was in for an synthetic oil change early everytime it was due. For two years i went faithfully trusting this service department, very nice staff. About a year ago right after service to my 2012 car my car over heated. When i opened my hood my reserve was empty. I was upset because i signed for my fluids being checked ,they obviously were not checked. I let it go but the next time i went in i mentioned it to Mike in service and he blew me off. So this past week i was in for an inspection and i had a noise i was concerned about. Glynn from service calls me to tell me i have no oil in my car im bone dry and also says that apparently nobody was checking my car in between oil changes. If i am a paying customer why is it that i am the one responsible to make sure my oil is ok it wasnt like i was going past the point, actually per the sticker on my window i still had 400 miles before my next oil change. I want answers. Because of this i traded my car that i loved because i could no longer trust it.


The Happy Repair Shop

The service staff is friendly and keeps you informed as to when your car will be ready. The customer waiting area is very comfortable with drinks and snacks.

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