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We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Come visit us and see for yourself why we are the Eastern Region's volume selling Mazda dealer. We are proud to service our customers' automotive needs with a no-pressure, no-hassle atmosphere. Feel free to browse our inventory for new and certified pre-owned vehicles, ready and available for immediate delivery, contact one of our product specialists to schedule a test-drive, or inquire about financing and monthly lease specials
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(46 reviews)

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New Miata

I just bought my dream car, an MX-5 Miata! Adrian Flores, thank you so much! Adrian was super helpful and really quick. Excellent dealership, Adrian was amazing, fantastic car!


Good experience until we came to pick up plates

We came to pick up plates on 9/29 afternoon, were told there was a $31 balance after we paid for everything on the day of purchasing. The front desk lady led us to the office of the finance manager, David. He looked very unhappy to talk to us. We were standing in his office the whole time while he was sitting there. When we went back to the front desk area as we were told, he became very rude, impatient and unprofessional, started yelling in front of everyone in the waiting area. he was basically saying the DMV fee went up $31 in the past 3 weeks and he didn't know why, told us to ask DMV. But he is the one to take money from us without a reasonable explanation. The truth is the NJ DMV title fee is $60 or $85 if the car is financed. We didn't use their finance but still was charged for $85. For whatever reason we were charged for $31. It seems that David, as a finance manger there had no clue what happened, told us the DMV fee is just unpredictable and said he didn't know why the other day a lady got $20 back fromher DMV fee. What a great finance manager. The DMV registration fee is not stock price, doesn't fluctuate every day. When we asked David to see his supervisor, he said he doesn't have a supervisor there. The general manager told us he is the supervisor for David when he came out to apologize. It was a such unpleasant experience. Shocked to see a rude, unprofessional person being a finance manger at a car dealership. He ruined all the effort made by the salesman and general manger. The pleasant purchasing experience had a disgusting ending. I will buy my next car from an online vendor and stay away from car dealers.



Update this dealership had audacity to call me on 8/14/19 and say they found my second get fob and would give me the extra key fob; if I took down my negative comments... Even though the negative comments are a result of my experience... So my response was they can keep the key fob and the truth remains public and available for all to see....for my experience read below... Well I originally posted this with 5 stars and 3 weeks later. I have to change it. My salesman was awesome however everyone else I dealt with this I purchased had been terrible. I bought my car June 29 th; here we are July 27th, and I still haven't gotten my register or plate. My temporary plate expires tomm. And was supposed to be delivered to me next day. However, I never received it. I called the dealership numerous times leading up today, either I could not get hold of anyone and when I did they Appeared to not have a sense of urgency. So here we are, my Temporary plate expires tomm. They had 29 days to ensure my plate and on Monday I have to go to work and will need to rent a car cause my car my control will not be legal. When I asked finance of they would reimburse me for a rental the response was a firm no. So I can buy a car for 20k, pay $300 for the registration which doesn't come on time, my car becomes illegal and this dealership does not have the decency to pay the $30 it will cost me to rent a car so I can go to work and pay for car payment. Thanks open mazda for you great customer service. Lastly, I would like to point out that general manager Leo makes false promises to customers. My mazda cx5 came with only key fob, this was brought to his attention in front of me and his response was he would look into seeing if they could get another one for our have one made. His exact words he said to the salesman and myself was "I have to work out the logistics; I'll get back to you. " Here we are 29 days later and no response, I have asked my salesman twice now, if he has gotten a response back from Leo and he has said no. So the sales people are great, open road after market customer service is terrible , you may buy a car and be only able to enjoy it for 29 days cause it will no longer be street legal and you will have to pay additional money for a rental car. May the odds be in your favor, mind certainly were not.


Excellent service

I bought my car last night! Mark Rodrigo was the gentleman helping us and he went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable in the car! He even called the next day to see how the car felt and checked my old car to see if I forgot anything! What a great guy and great team of staff that helped also! I definitely recommend this dealership to any and everyone!


Great experience

Purchased a pre owned car for my son Jay was great!! The process was easy and pricing was fair and reasonable third vehicle from this Dealership I would recommend this store!



I have never dealt with a group of individuals who handle their business with such poor professional manners. I bought my very first car here and have regretted it ever since. They not only were rude, unprofessional, and pushy during the car buying process but they are now not following through on a warranty policy that I was coerced into. After having my car for less than 2 years, multiple parts of my car have broken down (stay away from Mazdas all together). I bought warranty with Open Road Mazda for 7 years under 100,000 miles. They are REFUSING to pay for the damages of a car that is under warranty. These damages will cost me thousands of dollars and SHOULD be covered under the warranty policy I have been paying over the past year and a half. They are making excuses and claiming that because I did not IMMEDIATELY bring my car to their dealership the second my engine light came on, I am responsible for the damages done to the car. They have found themselves biting their tongue on multiple occasions and they finally said they would "split the cost with me." I REFUSE to pay for damages of a car under warranty. I am a teacher and I do not have the luxury to drop everything in an instant and drive my car immediately an hour away from my place of work and where I live. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you NEVER set foot in this poor excuse of an establishment. Please save yourself the time, effort, and annoyances that come with dealing with this horrible dealership. Every single conversation and situation I have dealt with these people has been nothing but negative and full of stress. Please do not buy a car, rent a car, or lease a car from this dealership because I PROMISE you, you will be regretting it years down the road as I am.


Biggest mistake of my life!!

Was over charged with ridiculous fees and the price of the car was way over kbb price. Took them 6 weeks just to get me my plates and registration. The promised they were overnighting them to me in Pa. then called 2 days later to tell me I can come and pick them up. Horrible service and con artists. DO NOT TRUST WHAT THEY SAY!


Great service

I always have my sons car brought here for service... I enjoy value and courteous service with the staff! I have found the pricing to be less then jiffy lube etc.. and courtesy vehicles and cafe snacks are Available!!



Avoid this dealership like the plague. They will try to scam you at every corner. I bought a 2018 Mazda 6 Touring from this place in January 2019, we agreed upon a price, shook hands with Mark, AND the manager on this price. When I went to the finance office, they gave me a contract, not once... but twice.... with random fee's and services that I firmly said no to included. When I called them out on it they were "shocked"... for a car dealership that sells and leases cars all day every day, mistakes like this are not accidental. The manager rips up the contracts in front of me (twice) till the numbers were finally right. I paid $11K in cash credit card and took a loan for the rest. They take my credit card and money and went to the back (assuming somewhere with no camera) and I was naive enough to trust them. All way good until about a month later when I get the paperwork for the remaining loan balance from the bank. To my surprise, the amount of my loan was $1,000 more than we agreed upon. After calling them they "swore" it was an accident and pleaded with me to not go to a lawyer. Things like this do NOT HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT. Bring your lawyer with you when you if you want to buy a car from here because it is hands down the worst experience I have ever had buying a car.


Salesman was great but the car was not even clean

Hi, I recently bought a used car from this dealership. The salesman, Jay, was great but when I came to pick up the car, it was a mess. There were marks on the outside that easily buffed out and I also did not have my fluids topped off. I had to fill them with in a week.

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