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This seller has been on since January 2014.
We are Boston's last independently owned exotic car franchise dealership. I would like to extend the invitation to you to come by our facility in Waltham MA and see how we spend our time here. We represent Aston Martin and Lotus cars as a new car dealership. We are as well the first Heritage dealer in the USA appointed by Aston Martin as dedicated specialists to the preservation and restoration of all vehicles manufactured by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. We are also versed with the process of acquiring and brokering rare and collectible European sports cars from all corners of the globe.

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(5 reviews)

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Terrible attitude and they did say F words!xxxxxxx

they are just xxxxxxxx with racial discrimination. They literally said that there will throw away the car into garbage and tell us to xxxx off! They told us a price for 800, but it run out as 1600, almost double. When we said there is a difference between verbal and exact estimate, the guy was shouting at us and say xxxxing words for accusing us that they stopped their business because of helping us. Coming on, there is a trouble because they haven't tell us the price beforehand and the price just doubled. It is non of our business for they to stop their business and being rude as xxxxxxxx. We appreciate the help, but I would say they being an xxxxxxx and say xxxxing words with racial discrimination is totally xxxxed up! The manager said that they should throw my car into the garbage. Is that really what you wanna experience, to spend time with those people having racial discrimination. Just because we are Asian?


Great Aston team.

Purchased DB11 June ‘17. All service and additional, customizing/upgrade work done here. Steve, Jason, Nick and the whole team are experts, friendly and a great group with which to work. Pat, in the front office, has also been outstanding.


Louts upgrades - Always done correctly

Kirk and Steve are my primary go-to's for any work on my Lotus Elise, and have always performed exemplary work. Scheduling is easy, along with drop off. Only thing I forget all the time is that even though I park my car in neutral with the parking brake on, most places (including here) park the car in gear.


Very disappointed

Aston Martin makes some of the finest automobiles in the world. They are well-crafted, beautiful, fast-running machines. The problem is, is that you have to interface with an independent Aston Martin dealer, should you want to purchase one of these spectacular vehicles. Having purchased more cars than I can count over my lifetime, I was really taken aback by just how bad the customer service experience was at Aston Martin of New England. So bad so, that my bucket-list car (Vanquish) will likely never be purchased, and my dream of owning an Aston is now gone, unless I move to a different part of the country that is serviced by another dealer. To go into detail would require more time than you're willing to provide, but I'll simply say that the dealership acted in a way (numerous times) that provided perhaps one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever encountered. Instead of providing a level of service that is commensurate with the Aston brand, I felt like I was being hustled by the corner note lot, with streamers and flags fixed to the antenna, and a "BUY NOW AND SAVE" written on the windshield. It was about as unprofessional as one could experience. I highly recommend avoiding Aston Martin of New England, and suggest that if you are looking for a high-end performance car, that you think of Bentley, Maserati, Porsche or an AMG Mercedes. As beautiful as Astons are, you still have to work with the dealer, and the dealership experience makes a big difference when looking at vehicles costing upwards of $350,000. Shop elsewhere. The opinions in this post are solely mine, and I do not make any representations of particular facts or circumstances--this is only an assessment of my experience, and it was a very poor one indeed.


Expert service

Their service department is in the most able hands of experts. Steve and his crew can work not only on Aston Martins but also Ferraris and Maseratis. I had work done on Maserati and the service was first class. The place was also highly recommended to me by a friend who has had several Aston Martins serviced there.

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