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LOOKING FOR A GREAT CAR AT A GREAT PRICE???? We provide auto check report on every vehicle in our inventory. All of our cars go for an independent third party inspection at a local service center. We have been in business since 2000 and the leading imports used car dealer in Indianapolis. We now have a finance department specializing in all types of credit allowing us the opportunity to provide our customers with financing options. Regardless what your credit score we are able to address your automotive needs. Our staff is widely diversified speaking ENGLISH SPANISH SERBIAN HINDI URDU & PUNJABI.
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(67 reviews)

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buyer beware

bought 2008 toyota camry with 100 k on it car turned out to be a disaster total piece of junk buyer beware you have been warned they did try and do something to it but never really did any good



Bought an Audi for my son. Broke down the night we got it home. Has broke down 5 times...needs a new transmission and the extended warranty he said would cover everything covers nothing. $5K plus 8-10 months for part. Had it repo'ed today. My son went his senior year without car. I would be be careful.....


Spend the extra money, buy elsewhere!!

Recently bought a vehicle from Rick at Z Imports. Assured me it was a great vehicle, no issues at all. Will last years. Day 3 of driving it, dash is lit up with codes. Into the shop 2 days later to address. Warranty covered none of it. We still had issues fixed. Went out of town, same issues started arising again. Transmission stuttering, loss of power to the motor, motor knock, 4 hours from home and it throws a cylinder 6 misfire code. Back to the garage as soon as it FINALLY limps it’s way home. Mechanic stating needs full motor rebuild. We have opened those vehicle for LESS THAN A MONTH. Emailed Rick, no response whatsoever. Out a vehicle and a substantial amount of money.


They sent a quick response to the question I sent them,...

They sent a quick response to the question I sent them, but didn't answer the question at all. The car I was inquiring about had a common issue that becomes critical around the milage that the car was already at. I asked if the issue had been addressed on that particular car and they just told me that it was still available and wanted me to come in for an appointment. I'm not doing business with anyone that doesn't value the concerns of someone seriously looking at the car they are trying to sell.



I have no idea why this dealership only has 2.8 stars. I have been to dealerships that have 4-5 star ratings and I could not get into a vehicle, and the process of it all was terrible and time consuming. I have good credit and 100% on time payment history and spent WAY TOO LONG looking for a car. We happened to get a notification from “car gurus” about a vehicle in our search becoming available at z imports for honestly a STEAL of a price! Our family felt very defeated after months of finding nothing but decided to take a chance on Z Imports. I AM SO GLAD WE DID!!! This company WANTS you to have a car and they wanna make it easy! We had Rick help us with financing and he did everything he could and worked very hard to get us approved. It was so simple. We were in and out. Signing was so simple. And we got an AMAZING warranty from them. If we would have started our car buying journey with z imports we would have been done a lot sooner! We usually don’t take the time to do survey’s but we were so impressed with z imports customer service and care we had to take the time to leave an AWESOME review!! We had to bring our small children for signing and they were wild! But even the workers were doing their best to make them comfortable with snacks and cookies! If you need a car Z imports is the place! Also a plus that they are so family friendly!


NEVER BUY A CAR HERE! Worst experience ever! Within 3...

NEVER BUY A CAR HERE! Worst experience ever! Within 3 days the car stopped working. We’ve had the car for almost 2 months and only driven it 6 times. It has been in the shop getting repaired at our expense. The cost of the repairs almost exceed what we paid for the car & it was pricey. Now the mechanic tells us it will be another $9,000 for what it MIGHT be. Time to cut our losses. We were scammed. We called ZImports & the guy laughed & said yes when we asked if he knew it was messed up. Trashy business, shady people, total scam. I should have read the reviews first. Oh & don’t let them get you with the “we just did $1800 worth of repairs on this car” & show you receipts for parts. They show the same ones to everyone. Don’t waste your time going here. You’re better off throwing your money in a slot machine or out the window.


Horrible buying experience

Deceptive trade practices!! Active duty military, preapproved through Capital One and they advertise financing. In reality, they don't accept Capital One and was told since they are small dealership don't really offer financing. The car I was trying to buy was like most reviews I have seen on here- damaged. This is a dishonest dealership! Save yourself the headache and go elsewhere! I'm glad things just didn't work out here!

Dealer response

The review written by ST is totally wrong. ST applied for a vehicle loan but we were unable to obtain financing through our sources. ST requested Capital One as an option but I explained to ST that Capital One was not available as a financial option for us because to utilize Capital One you must have an affiliation with a new car dealer. Unfortunately we do not and as an independent lot we do not have access to Capital One. I recommended to ST that he may want to inquire about obtaining financing through some of the military credit unions he has the ability to utilize. ST also discusses the condition of the vehicle and he has never been tour lot and is approximately 6-7 hours away from our location. Everything done by computer and phone. To accuse us of deceptive practices is not even close to the truth because we could not obtain an approval through our banks and credit unions for his purchase. He will receive his notice of declination from the lenders because we are not the lender. ST also demanded terms that would not be obtainable such as 72 months and no money down. There was nothing dishonest on our end of this transaction and ST is upset because he did not qualify for financing. By the way the vehicle was sold the next day to a happy customer who did qualify for financing


Shop with the NOW!

They were so helpful with making sure everything went great with the process of buying and even assisting after your purchase if you need help with anything regarding your purchase.



DO NOT BUY FROM Z-IMPORTS! Our experience has been nothing but a nightmare. We bought a car from Z-Imports and within 20 days of owning the car experienced engine failure resulting in repairs that total more than the value of the car. Buying an older used car, we invested $3,000 in the "full coverage, bumper-to-bumper" (according to Rick Vannoy) service agreement that was only going to cover 1/3 of the $6,000 in repairs that the car actually needed. We have owned the car for 3 months now and have only driven it a dozen times. We are out over $6,000 (we were able to get a refund on the Service Agreement) and have a car that we can not drive and that we are not able to sell or trade-in due to the extensive repairs needed. I spoke to multiple mechanics that said this damage was likely done over many years with it's previous owner and I spoke to a different car lot that sent the car to auction (likely where Z-Imports found it) and the HONEST and REPUTABLE car lot said they sent the car to auction because it was not in safe driving condition. Z-Imports disclosed NONE of this information to us at the time of purchase. SCAM ARTISTS!


Alot of things wrong

Went and bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee since then I have put over $1,500 into it and I have only had it two weeks. I was told that it is never been in an accident although I can see where the rear bumper is bent repainted in the front left Fender has been repainted. He got real quiet when I asked him about the sunroof. Turns out that doesn't work either so we had to manually close it.

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