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A+ Service Great experience

A+ Service Best Service I've received over the years of car buying and 1st stop was great yes Id buy from Leo 100% I still have my jeep zero issues at all So for the bad Reviews im Reading There's definitely more to the story because like I said my experience was amazing and so is my Jeep. And if i needed leo he would be there to help I get all my service matnince done at his shop also.


This place sells lemons!!

The owner rolls back mileage on the vehicles and sells cars that s*** the bed on you 30 days after you buy it. Don’t bother wasting your money on a lemon



I bought a car and not even two months later the head gasket blew my mechanic verified they had put blue devil gasket sealer to cover up the fact it had a leak. Leo the owner promised me the car would be covered when I initially bought it for when I told him what happened he refused to do anything for me. I saved up everything I had to buy the car and now I am stuck without a car. Leo is a crook I wish I would of listened to the reviews on other sites about this place


Typical xxxx lying car dealers

I made a bad mistake ever buying a car from this place. All they did was Lie to cover up another lie. He lied and told me it was never in an accident and I made the mistake of buying a gray car on a cloudy day. I have to dump oil into it and it ticks like it's ready to blow and he won't back up the warranty that I paid $900 for. That is just one issue, I could go on and on about things wrong with the car. Please nobody by a car from them, all they will do is lie and sell you a lemon


Looking for a nice used non rental car

I called on one car which he had for cause and stocked range in 2008 to 2010 not one card that he have in stock buy cars.com and had a 2011 car so I asked about that car he gave me the person's name on the title after he received a phone call on a cell phone and asked me to hold on one second and he answered the cell phone hello, and started talking to somebody like he knew them and was talking just like you knew them personally and stated that they would see each other later and Nicole lasted about two-and-a-half 3 minutes while I was listening the whole time and he answered the phone on the phone number I called A1 so that's the business and that's the way he answered now the cell phone was totally different I don't know how to rate because the last three I never seen the facility so it would not allow me to rate him unless I put a star at least one I tried to put n a but it didn't work he does not use Carfax he told me about was a 2011 and bought in 2012 with 24000 miles on it by this lady and I asked who owned it before her and he couldn't answer that question I'm like you don't have a Carfax he's like I don't do Carfax so I'm like this could be a rental car with 24000 miles being one year old, do you like I have no clue I don't do Carfax, I'm like well I don't buy cars that don't have or come with a Carfax. And stated that these cars that don't come with the Carfax doesn't tell me anything that I need to know about the car and itself so I have no business to do with you at all and I have a pocket full of cash to buy a car which I could buy a brand new car if I really wanted to but I'd rather not the fur to buy used.


Good guy

Bought a used suv for my daughter back in dec 2017. Car is still working fine and they remember me when I stop by. Refer all my friends and family there as it is fair and affordable.


Great Reliable Service

For the past eight years I have been a customer at this auto shop for a few different cars of mine. Numerous issues regarding mechanical, suspension, electrical, and passing state inspections were promptly fixed for fair pricing and fantastic service.


Real nice van at a good price.

Saw a van I liked on cars.com at 1st Auto Sales and drove down from Boston. Dealt with Leo the owner, I got a great van at a real good price. Being in my mid 60's I've bought a lot of vehicles over the years. Very happy with this purchase and highly recommend 1st Stop Auto Sales. Thank you, Dan.


Very satisfied!

Great car, I put lots of miles with no issues. He took care of any concerns as they can repair on site.


Stay away

These guys are cheats and thevies. I would recommend you stay away. Horrible experience.

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