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  • Great Service

    Best experience buying a car ever. Great service!!!

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    Best experience buying a car ever. Great service!!!

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  • Terrible customer service

    Was awoken by a call from their unprofessional service rep, Tim Pitts, prior to 7am (unprofessional to call so early). The message was curt/rude a...

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    Was awoken by a call from their unprofessional service rep, Tim Pitts, prior to 7am (unprofessional to call so early). The message was curt/rude and informed me that the appointment that I had made over a week ago wouldn't work, with no explanation, and said I would have to call and reschedule. I then spent over a half hour on the phone listening to endless ringing at the service department desk, being transferred around from the front desk to the service department, calling back to get the front desk to take a message, and then finally on hold at the service department to get ahold of the unprofessional mechanic, Tim Pitts, who had called me. Related, but not the major complaint here - I had, no exaggeration, received 7 or so reminder emails and calls about this service, asking me if I needed to reschedule, asking me to confirm my appointment, etc. I thought the number of times I had been asked to verify was absurd frankly, but it also made me assume that they had already looked at my service request, looked at their schedule, and thought for a second during their week to ponder if, perhaps, they might have a scheduling issue on their end. If they are going to call and email me six or seven times prior, perhaps they should check once themselves prior to the day of service at 0630. I'm pretty sure its the golden rule of appointments that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance unless it's an emergency...but hey maybe that's just me. The rude service rep, Mr. Pitts, then tells me maybe, maybe he'll be able to change a headlight today, but no way could he look at tires or brakes. Now I'm no professional, but I've had the people at a couple other Subaru dealerships do a multi point inspection on my vehicle as a bonus service for free in addition to the main service I am paying for (another complaint I have about this place). It hardly took any time at all and they cane back with evaluations of how my brakes and tires were doing and suggestions for when to get them check again, not pushing any service on me (great service, unlike here). Tim keeps telling me no way could he check the brakes for wear for a possible brake job (do you want my business or do you want to go home early on a Friday? What would your boss say if he knew?) or look at the tires. So I patiently informed Mr. Pitts that I'm from out of town 3 plus hours away and I really need the headlights done at least, it's a safety concern. He says maybe he could do that, then asks me a question which is already answered in the service description (clearly hasn't read it), then says 2:30 isn't going to work because they are swamped and, yes, here's the real reason, it's a Friday afternoon and Tim wants to go home. Mr. Pitts says he wants to reschedule. I figure he means for earlier in the day since he just talked about getting the headlight done. He then suggests Wednesday. I've literally explained to him I live over 3 hours away three times by now, I am already in the area, and he needs to find a way to reschedule me this weekend. He says there is no way. I cancelled my appointment. I wish you could have hear the conversation, this guy was rude. So Kearny Mesa, for your unprofessional, lazy mechanic who cares more about going home than helping your customers, for not keeping your apppintments and canceling last minute, not accommodating rescheduling on a realistic timetable, and general lack of customer service, you honestly are the worst interaction I have had with a car service center ever. Actually with a business in general. You also might want to talk to Mr. Pitts about his priorities and treatment of customers.

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