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No pressure, easy to work with.

I was looking for a first car for my 16 year old son. Stopped in to look at several cars. Looked at the one we bought several times before purchasing. They did say it was probably the best deal on the lot for my son but they never tried to get us to buy on the spot, instead gave us time to decide on our own. Feel like it was a good deal and a good fit for my son. Very pleased.


Used Cars Made Simple

When my old beater finally died, I needed to find a replacement quickly. With a wild hair out for an affordable convertible I found one at Whitney Motors in Merriam, KS. Went to visit and talked with Brett, told him I needed to withdraw funds from an investment account for payment which would take a week; he advised me no worry, he would let me know if anyone else was serious about the car in the meantime. A week came and went and we negotiated a fair mutual price including beater salvage trade. On test drive I smelled something burning, and the oil pressure gauge flickered on and off; Brett apologized, theorized the oil sender needed replacement, and asked if he could have til Monday at latest to have it repaired. Several hours later he called to advise me that his guess was correct, the oil sender had been replaced, and all was good to go; a couple hours after that I was good to go in my new (used) convertible. These guys are laid back honest and care about their customers. I would buy from them again and will advise anyone else to give them a look too.


Wonderful used car buying experience!

I have purchased five used cars in the last five years, and by far, this experience was the most pleasant. Brett and his dad are so laid back. You can tell they are confident in the product they offer and know they are giving you a good value. I bought a great used Ford F-150 at a much lower price than any other dealer in town. My mechanic said a repair was needed, so they did it in a timely manner. They didn't try to cover up dents or dings or even scratches in the bed cover - what I saw is what I got, and that was a perfect truck for my landscaping business. Finally, Brett printed my 60 day temporary tag, put it in plastic and attached it; he put only the paperwork I need for licensing in a separate large envelope, and there were NO extra hidden dealer's fees - just the price of the truck and sales tax! We'll go back!



We have bought several cars/van from Brett . They are honest people and would never sell a unsafe vehicle to anyone.


Whitney Motors Review

I got a great value for the car that I bought and found the dealership owner (Brett Whitney) to be fair and very accommodating throughout the buying process.


Great Car, Great Service, Fair Price

I was searching for a specific car which Whitney Motors posted on Cars.com the day before I drove the vehicle. The vehicle was in great, clean condition and was listed below the dealer price given on popular car websites for dealer sales. I drove the car, made an offer and drove away within an hour of the offer. There was one issue post sale that Whitney Motors took care of at no charge. I would buy from Whitney Motors again.


Great customer service, cars & prices!!!!

My family has purchased several cars from Whitney Motor Co. so it was only natural to look there when I started looking for myself. I stopped by the lot with my Dad; took a peek & met Brett & his father. They were both very polite & nice; no pressure "let us know what you like" kinda' folks. I returned to test drive the car where it was discovered the heat wasn't working. Mr.Whitney immediately began looking at the car himself & shortly after Brett had it take to the shop to be repaired. Days later I purchased the car. It began to make a sound when I was turning so I called & Brett said "Bring it in & we'll get the mechanic on it." So I brought her in & they found that the water pump was going out. So they replaced that & the timing belt as to not put the old one back on. When I asked how much I needed to pay them; I was told nothing. I had just purchased the car & they "take care of their customers & treat them as they'd want to be treated." WOW! THESE are great businessmen who truly care for their customers & about the cars they sell! They WANT you to get a good deal & a good car. I will DEFINITELY be going back to Whitney Motor Co. for my next vehicle! I am more than impressed & pleased with their customer skills! Thanks tons, guys! A+++ all the way!!!


They go above & beyond for thier customers!!!!!

I recently purchased a car from Whitney Motor Co. & want to share my wonderful experience with those out there searching for a vehicle; Believe me these people are great! I searched online a while & found a handful of "interesting" cars. Did autochecks on them all; researched the other dealerships & finally decided to go & check out a Dodge Stratus Whitney's had listed. Test drove her & she was fantastic! They flushed her out for me & gave her a good once over. 2 days later I returned to purchase the car. I had an insurance co. picked out but was having some issues with getting the policy going. So they sent to an insurance broker close by they send their customers to. There I found insurance for cheaper then I anyone else had offered! After purchasing the car, I started to hear a small sound when turning. Not knowing where to take it to etc. I called Whitney Motor Co. & they told me to bring her in & they'll get her straightened out. The repairs were taken care of & they even covered the cost because I had just purchased it from them. I would recommend Whitney Motor Co. to anyone searching for vehicle! They did such a great job; Everything was hassle free & they truly went above & beyond customer service! I will most definitely go there when it's time to purchase my next car! Thank you guys, once again! A++++


Best car buying

This was one of the best car buying experiences I?ve ever had. The prices truly fit my budget. Whitney Auto had so many clean, reliable used cars, that picking one was the hardest part. I could have saved myself a lot of time by making Whitney Auto my first stop.



I have purchased 2 cars from brent & his family. Yes both has had repairs done on them as with ANY car with this many miles as they are um.... USED CARS. BUT, anything I discover needing attention when I test drove they repaired at NO COST to me. The intrepid was pulling to the left when braking, they fixed it, & the rav4 had a problem with rear-view mirror, front passenger seatbelt lock and an exhaust leak all of which were FIXED when I picked up the car. They are fair & gave me a limited 30 day warranty. AGAIN they are USED CARS & I expect them to have repairs as previous owners are not always good with preventative maintenance. I would recommend having someone you trust to look at any used car you are interested before you purchase ANY used car if you are not mechanically inclined so you can make the best informed purchase. As for WHITNEY MOTOR COMPANY... I RECOMMEND THEM 100%!!! Brent & his family (mother office manager, father lot manager, sons lot helpers) all do a great job! ZERO sales pressure. Fair prices for cars and they take trade-ins. They worked with me on all my purchases, but they do not finance, for me which is good. I have recommended them to EVERYONE who is looking for used car.