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Shady Used car dealership

This guy Todd is the text book used car salesman except for the cheap suit doesn’t stand behind a thing he sells Guess I’ll start with when we were buying the vehicle we agreed that he would put new brakes on the vehicle before we picked it up within 10 days the brakes are grinding so bad it hurt my ears so I bring it back to him he says it can’t be his fault it’s something else. I bring the vehicle to my mechanic puts it on the lift to fix the brakes and the grinding was metal on metal never touched the rear brakes but while it’s on the lift my mechanic noticed theres a rusted hole in the engine oil pan and leaking fairly fast the ABS system is on it’s way out tranny is leaking oil obviously had to fix the brakes also. Go back to Lakeland tell TODD everything that’s wrong with it he says oh I must’ve done the breaks on the other 2011 I have 2 of them and about the other stuff he stands there smiling and keeps saying if u wanted a vehicle with no problems should’ve went somewhere else and bought new I’ve had at least 5 different people tell me not to go to Lakeland but for some reason I wanted to give a local place the benefit of the doubt but that place is a low life used car dealership and I’m still driving around with a expired paper plate that was supposed to be in by now but I’m sure I won’t get that either


No customer service

I have emailed inquiring about a few vehicles in their lot that have no information sheet in the window as i visited during off hours and have never heard back. I would think after 10 days they could have responded. I can only assume they don't want to sell these cars so I'll be spending my money elsewhere



This place is still in business. Will say anything to sell a car but won?t stand by the ?product?.


Never emails or calls back

I have called and I have emailed and they fail to always return phone cal or email and I call at a decent time! I have tried for over a week now.. I can tell already they're not a good dealer. You should return a phone call or an email. I have not yet received anything and I'm always checking my phone.


Buyer Beware !

Absolutly, hands down the worst experience with I have ever had with used car dealer in 30 years! Would not recommend to anyone.


I love Lakeland Car Co.

I love Lakeland Car co. I have been using their service department for a few years now and they are honest, friendly, trusting, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond. They also helped a co-worker this week and he is very happy as well - they saved him $$$ with their knowledge and honesty. Thank you Lakeland Car co. for all of your help - you are awesome! Janna P.



There was only 1 sales ;person on staff;, and she was also manning the office, so she never came out to check on us, introduce herself, or offer any assistance at all, until we came into the office, almost 45 minutes after we arrived and were wandering around the lot looking at cars. The Mazda6 is a beautiful car, and it runs great. It is in great shape and great repair. We did not purchase it because my daughter thought it was a little bit more than she wanted to spend. Not that the Mazda6 wasn't worth the price, because I believe it is, but just more $$ than she wanted to spend for a vehicle right now.



Todd, thankyou for your help with the purchase of our Saturn Vue for our daughter. Your dealerships knowledge and low pressure approach was awesome, she loves the car!!!! We look forward to buying from you again with our next car purchase. Thanks again Doug

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