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(12 reviews)

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awesome! or not so awesome..

So in august of 2012 I bought a car at kapp auto. At the time I thought it was a great deal. I've had the car for a year now and went to trade it in for something new and found out the CarFax they gave me was false. While trying to trade the car in we found out about 3 accidents on the CarFax that happened before we owned it that we did not see on the original CarFax. Also they never told me about any of these accidents. I found out that the car is worth over 4000 less than what I paid for the car. Needless to say I will never go back to Kapp auto.

Dealer response

To whom it may concern: From what we gather in this review, the concern here is over a Carfax and not Kapp Auto Sales. We would like this customer and all our customers to be fully aware that in no way can a Carfax be falsified nor would Kapp Auto Sales even consider trying. We have no way of accessing any information that Carfax puts on their reports and find it offensive to assume we would mislead anyone with a false Carfax. We would hope that a customer of ours if ever in a situation like this and feeling that they were mislead would take the initiative and make a phone call rather than damage our reputation for something we had no control over. We have nothing to hide with any of our vehicles so when asked for a Carfax, we are more than willing to pull one. In this case, if at the time of the sale, the Carfax showed no accidents, than the problem lies with Carfax themselves. We look forward to hearing from this customer so that if a mistake was made from Carfax, we can get with them and resolve it. We also hope that all of our customers past and future will take into consideration the amount of customers we work with day in and day out and understand that the much bigger percentage are satisfied. We have confidence in what we do and hope our customers will look past a negative review and find out for themselves what a good experience we try and make buying a car from us at Kapp Auto Sales.


Steer clear

I have bought two cars from kapp and had nothing but problems. At first they are willing to fix them but then once you start trying to get them fixed they aren't willing to help or go above and beyond. At first when we saw the car it was great but then as time went buy more things started popping up and breaking

Dealer response

Were sorry to hear about your problems with your car but we would love to personally hear from you and see what exactly is going on with the vehicle you purchased. Like you said, we are willing to look at any vehicle we sell and see what we can do to help. I trust that you'll make the attempt to get with us so we can hopefully do something to rectify the situation. We hope that you will keep in mind that we have no way of foreseeing what will go wrong with vehicles and neither does any dealer so unfortunately when buying any used car, it can be a risk. I'm assuming where you have bought 2 cars from us that your first experience was a good one or you wouldn't have come back for the 2nd car so give us a call and let's see what problems you're having and we would be glad to see what we can do. We take pride in customer satisfaction and I believe we do much more than most dealers when customes have purchased a vehicle from us and are having a problem. We hope to hear from you whoever you are and hope we can be of assistance.