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Welcome to Damerow Ford! Located in BeavertonOR Damerow Ford is proud to be one of the premier dealerships in the Portland area. From the moment you walk onto our lot you'll know our commitment to Customer Service is second to none. We try to make your experience with Damerow Ford a good one ? for the life of your vehicle. Whether you need to Purchase Finance or Service a New or Pre-Owned Ford you've come to the right place. Call 800-732-8633 for your No-Obligation Internet Price from our Internet Department.
Come to Damerow Ford for the best selection in the Portland Area!

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(585 reviews)

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Great dealership

They are very transparent and quick. Knowledgeable staff. Variety of vehicles in inventory. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend.


Awful service

Just a terrible experience here. They forcibly kept my car for safety recalls and would not return it to me. They had no rental available even though I requested one two weeks in advance. They did not cover my enterprise rental at all which cost me $400 while they held my car hostage for repairs that I didn’t request. No help whatsoever. Never called me to communicate anything. Not even to tell me my car was done. Even tried to upswell me to other services that clearly didn’t need to be done. Never coming back here. Very upset with rental cost to myself which they should’ve covered because it was under recall service. Would not recommend any go here for anything.


This was horrible..

I hope this review brings a potential car/truck buyer some insight of what we experienced. First off, I have never felt so belittled as a female buying a vehicle. From the moment I walked into the building, I felt completely on edge and not taken seriously. We were buying a truck for my husband; he picks the one he loves, I sort out the financial part. The first day we were there we felt extremely pushed into buying a truck that we verbally said that we were not in love with. We ended up walking away very frustrated because after we had, "wasted their time," the salesmen were not interested in showing us anything more affordable and in the price range that we had asked. We left and naturally, my husband found another truck he loved that had just come into stock... on the same lot... SO we went back. I had to arrive around 8pm as I am a nurse and work 45 minutes away. OK great, we ended up buying the truck! We were very happy about the purchase but we felt like the BIGGEST inconvenience. Being told, "Well we're not going to make any money off the sale anyways.." and being shoo'd through the process. But this isn't the worst part. We bought a "certified pre-owned" truck in the summer. Exactly a month and a week later, the rain fell and there was a large leak in the truck. We called and were told to bring it in, "no problem." After a battle throughout the week we were held responsible for over $800 of repair. Normally, no biggie. We're buying a 5 year old truck so things are bound to happen. But we expressed our concerns that some of the cost should be covered as this was a pre-existing problem prior to buying the truck that was not disclosed to us. We called the sales guy, Brad, he returned my call and I expressed my concerns and he reassured that he would follow up with a manager. Promised he would give us a call back. Well, it's been over a month since that phone call and I have tried to reach out and still have no response. From the comments from the male staff to me the moment I arrived.. to the lack of customer service or some sort of compensation, we have sworn not to return to Damerow Ford again. We are also encouraging others to do the same. I have bought many cars/trucks.. NONE of which have I experienced such poor customer service. After weeks of being ignored, I hope the most this review can do is encourage others to save your time and go to a dealership that cares.


Very unhappy.

There is so much to say, but it will take too much time. Just know. Damerow Ford is dishonest and anything to do for a sale or lease they will do but then they will turn around and cancel your sale. Crazy.


Ford Ranger

Wanted to lift up Chad Rich on the great service and assistance he provided us upon our recent purchase of our new Ranger...He is wonderful associate for Damerow who displays care and customer service above and beyond what you would expect..


Worst experience ever

Sales person was great and very nice. Till financing everything went down hill. Got a 2020 f150 and was approved with good interest rate then my 2018 f150. So i signed the contract. I was happy and got what i wanted. Then got a call 3 days later said " they found another bank and last bank did not go through and needed me to come back in and sign another contract" i was a little worried about new one. Went in and looked at new one and sure enough interest was higher and means i pay more in long run. I said did not want to sign this contract and will take back old truck. Was told i could not. Was very upset with that. "Which is not true in state of Oregon. But found this part out after i signed new one" also they told me wrong reason why first bank did not take. It was not because of amount it was because of term length which i got a letter from bank. I will not buy my next vehicle here. Even though I love Ford. I will go some where else. I can't recommend anyone here. Forgot one more thing that changed. Had no payment for 3 months. Now payment due in 45 days. Update: Tried to call and no one knows who i am supposed to talk too. Don't know why I need to contact to resolve the issue at hand. They have my contact information and should contact me and not the other way around. Will keep this going till then. Still waiting to be contacted. Still no contact about this. I advise anyone getting a ford to goto a different dealership. They seem not to care about resolving issues. Only care about the money. Been a couple of months and still no contact. I even tried to call again and they said be sent up the chain. Of course hear nothing about that at all. Its funny when you contact them about a vehicle there more then happy to help. But with customer service they are no where to be found. They have all my info and can contact me anytime they want. Even reported to BBB and they wont even comment on there too. Will keep this going till they contact me. Oh one more thing. This company does not respond too reviews its a 3rd party vender with default answers.


Still waiting for a response...

About a month ago I purchased a 2019 Edge that was in excellent shape except for a trim piece on the lift gate that was broken for which I got an IOU that the dealership was going to order and install. For two weeks I hadn't heard anything except for when I would call and harass my sales person who repeatedly told me it was ordered, someone should be calling me, blah, blah. After more than a week of that, she stopped responding to my calls and texts. I then called the service department and was told they had no record of this. I then called and spoke with a sales manager who said he would run it over immediately and get it ordered. I got a few messages from him that day saying it was ordered, should be in at the beginning of the following week and I would get a call. I messaged him Tuesday of the following week and was told someone from service would call me. Well, it's now Thursday and I've yet to hear a thing...


Go elsewhere

Sneaky sales tactics. Ended up financing $5000 more than what I agreed to. Shame on me for not catching it when I signed docs. Not pleased but nothing to do other then post to caution you. Update: seems that their responses are automated as nobody knows who you are supposed to be talking to after they tell you to contact them to hear about your review. Talked to “sales manager” who told me he would call me back. Never heard back from him. Do yourself a favor and shop elsewhere.


I would not recommend Ford to anyone!

I would not recommend Ford to anyone! They treated me with disrespect the entire time, wasted my time putting me in a vehicle I didn't want, and I chose the vehicle I wanted. The vehicle I walked away with has a broken catalytic converter and the sales person said they would fix it but they haven't. They added an extended warranty and wouldn't you know it, the warranty doesn't cover the exhaust system, even though the tags expire 12/2020 and we just bought it from them 4/2020. I won't be able to drive or renew my tags in 8 months when they expire because without the catalytic converter, it won't pass DEQ in the State pf Oregon. They harassed me to bring in a check dated 4/15 for my second part of the down payment, despite me telling them I can't write a check for 4/15 when I don't get paid until 4/16, kiting a check is illegal Ford! Then the finance company they chose, AFTER submitting my to 10 different companies who all hit my credit hard, they found the one that wanted additional hoops after accepting the loan, then rescinded the offer and stated they found a different loan company with less hoops and less money per month but the finance company demanded more! I'm never going back to damerow ford and I am certainly not telling anyone to go there. Funny thing, I had already bought from that same location twice with 1 paid off loan and 1 loan still open but in good standing, and the third time I guess they thought I was a bad customer so they needed to screw me.


Fast and Efficient

I had inquired on a Mini Cooper online, within 15 minutes I received a call back. They provided me with very fair pricing and the car I purchased was in excellent and in nearly brand new condition. The sales person I highly recommend (Chase). The finance department was very helpful and went above and beyond their duties. I highly recommend purchasing new or used from Damerow Ford. I have purchased more than 8 cars and this dealership made things as simple as possible.

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