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(48 reviews)

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Professional, Caring, and Knowledgeable staff. Zoe

Professional, Caring, and Knowledgeable staff. I had an excellent experience purchasing my Chevy Equinox yesterday. Zoe helped me select the ideal vehicle for me and made the financing a piece of cake. I highly recommend to anyone purchasing a vehicle to stop in here first before going anywhere else.


Norman and BG Motorcars are a must visit

Excellent experience, knowledgeable, thoughtful, capable, would recommend to all my friends in the automotive market. Travelled across state lines and was not disappointed. Norman’s knowledge was unsurpassed. Highly recommend BGMotorcars


My experience with BG Motorcars was hassle-free.

If You want a great pre-owned vehicle with a no hassle sales experience, stop by BG Motorcars in Naperville, IL. You will be glad you did. Don't be disappointed with the rest go to the best,BG Motorcars in Naperville. R.D. Ray


OK. Don't run here.

I inquired from an in line ad for an expensive high end vehicle. Low miles. I asked specific questions including shipping and for other vehicle information. I never got the answers to the simple questions I asked. Then I was told I can have a report on the car when it returned from the BMW dealer. Why is it going to the dealer? Any basic saleperson can answer questions like past service history, service while in your dealership, and about the brakes, tires, etc.... car looks nice but based on my experience and other reviews which seem up and down, I'm not comfortable any further. Answer the questions asked the first time to make the best impression and show your knowledge of the vehicles you sell.


Fast and Efficient

Glad that BG Motors showed up during my search on Truecar. Had the exact vehicle I was looking for and it was in great condition and at a very fair price. Quick response when I inquired about the vehicle and very friendly when I went to take it for a test drive. Had a couple concerns and they were both addressed and taken care of with no hesitation. Quick and seamless process with the purchase. Would definitely recommend BG Motorcars.


They never called or email back per my interest buying

They never called or email back per my interest buying this model. I’m trying to replace another car as well.

Consumer response

Please email me

Consumer response

Emailing is best for my response thanks!


Because of Covid and the fact that I am extremely busy, I...

Because of Covid and the fact that I am extremely busy, I shopped for a car online. I ended up buying a Cadillac SRX with BG Motors. At first, I was a little worried because I was buying a car I hadn’t seen or test-driven. They were extremely helpful with the whole process. They did a FaceTime during which they showed me all aspects of the vehicle and also pointed out minor defects that needed to be fixed. In addition, they fixed all that need to be fixed before shipping the vehicle to me. I received the car in a timely manner and have been enjoying it since. I’ll highly recommend them.


Run far far away!

My husband and I drove 2 hours to see a Mazda CX-9 at BG Motor Cars in Naperville. Noman was very nice and helpful. He agreed to fix the dent in the windshield and repair a tire causing the tire pressure light to come on. Well fast forward to me bringing the car home. Something just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t sure what or if I was just losing it so I ignored it. Terrible decision. The next day while driving, the vehicle died as I was slowing down in the turn lane. Put it in neutral and it turned right back on. This caused me to call my mechanic to schedule an appointment. 3 days later it went in, my mechanic hooked it up fo the computer and no codes came back. Great! I’m crazy! Not. Couple days later, the car died again except this time it was as I was getting ready to back into a parking space at my daughter’s swim lessons. Just thought maybe it was my battery or something of the like. Over the course of the next couple weeks, the stalling continued as well as an incredibly hard shift into drive every time once the car is warm was also discovered. I scheduled another appointment with my mechanic, who once again couldn’t find any error codes when hooked to the computer. At this point I know there is something wrong with my car so I called the Mazda dealership near me. I scheduled an appointment to have them look at the car. After a couple hours of digging into my vehicle, it turns out I am looking at transmission problems. They suggested I contacted the dealership I bought the car at. Mind you this is within a 3 week period, less than 1,000 miles put on it by me. I called Noman. He was very taken back by my call. He tells me he drives all his cars and he doesn’t sell cars with transmission problems. Not true. After having the tech at Mazda contact him and explain the problems with my car, he reluctantly agrees to bring my car to “his transmission” guy for a second opinion. Great. Instead of coming with a flatbed to pickup my vehicle, he sends someone to drive it all the way to Chicago, IL from Rockford, IL after being told by Mazda there is likely transmission issues. After a day of having my car, Noman calls me to tell me there is nothing wrong with my car and it drives great. I had to explain to him again the driving isn’t the issue, it’s the hard shifting and dying when slowing down. He says he will let his transmission guy know and get back to me. Next day comes and no word so I reached out to Noman and asked for an update to which he replied they still can’t pinpoint the issue but I can speak with the transmission guy if I would like. I said yes. When I called the transmission guy I explained to him just like I did with Noman what he needed to do in order to experience what I was experiencing. He informed me Noman didn’t give him any of these instructions, just told him to drive the car. Really?! So I told Noman I would like my vehicle back since he clearly did not intend on fixing it. Couple hours later Noman calls me saying he will buy the car back. So my husband and I drove back to Naperville to get the money for the car and he couldn’t even be decent enough to bring the car back from Chicago so after getting the check for my vehicle, we had to drive another hour further from home just to get my personal belongings out of it. I’m out $1700 for tax, title, and license and my credit is hurt from the inquiries and now trying to get another auto loan while this one still shows as open. The real icing on the cake though was waking up and opening my app only to see he has listed this car again, but $1000 more than I paid! No way he fixed the transmission in one day. He is not out for the customers best interest and I fully believe his negative reviews. Please please run as fast and far away from BG Motors. I am so disappointed I ignored all the red flags from start to finish. Lesson learned for me. If I could leave 0 stars I would.


I end up buying different car from them. They also paid...

I end up buying different car from them. They also paid for minor repairs needed on the car. I will be more than happy to recommend them to anyone.


This is the place for your next pre-owned vehicle

After hunting high and low for a BMW 335i, I finally found one here at BG. It was as awesome in person as it was in the ad. Norm went ABOVE AND BEYOND to help me seal the deal. What dealership does that? I will recommended this dealer to anyone who listens!

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