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(51 reviews)

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Great Costumer service

These guys were great to work with. Shout out to Andrew, Eddie and Harold for their hard work. We bought an 04 Honda Element from them a few weeks ago and I have no complaints. These guys work hard to make it as easy as possible to buy a car. They were easy to work with and no high pressure to buy. I gave them 4 stars only because I wish we could have haggled the price down a little bit, not because of customer service. Thanks again guys for all your hard work. Wayland Collins


Rude, Unprofessional staff, super high fees.

Rude, unprofessional salesman that actually chided me for speaking to two different sales people. They said I shouldn't have "gone behind their sales peoples back." Then accused me of trying to screw them over somehow. It's obvious that each salesman is out for themselves and there is no teamwork or proper management to speak of at this location. Not surprisingly they said there was no sales manager there that day. No Sales Manager on a Saturday, a dealerships busiest day? On top of the most comedically horrible customer service ever, I tried to ask them why they charged more than $1,000 in extra fees on top of the agreed upon sales price, tax and license... they hung up on me. They also have a horrible policy of putting LoJack on every car they buy and making the CUSTOMER pay for it when they sell it to you whether you want it or not. That's $695. Bottom line is you can get better customer service anywhere and you can get a better final/out the door price anywhere.


Marcos response as a professional !

Good morming to all stuff and thanks for take the time to answer my review, and i gotta say this time Marco is helping me as a profesional he answer me back ! And now hes trying to help me with this, same way as I can write a "negative comment" i can do write a positive rewiew and I have to say Marco ia doing great in this process , and i gotta say thanks again to the staff for listen and helping in this and give me adivice and quality time Thanks Marco!! ✌


its true---- no customer service

called about a specific car--- asked to talk to a person that knew this car--- lexus ls600h. the lady said everyone there know about all the cars... you know that is a specialized car. she couldnt hear me. put me thru to someone and after 3 mins no one answered.... so heres my feed back... id rather be buying the car though

Dealer response

Hi John, I wanted to stop by here and update my response to this inquiry. I am glad we were able to link you up with Marco here -- someone who could answer your questions about this specific vehicle as well as ensure that you were provided with a video and/or photos of the Lexus. I did receive your text; however I am usually in bed by midnight, so I thought I'd respond here. I appreciate the time you've put into thinking the deal over as well as working with us on this vehicle. Your sentiments and insight have been fwd'd to ownership and we're sorry we weren't able to make a deal. That said, I did want to ensure you received the customer service that we promise every customer, and we're sorry that we missed the mark for you the first time around -- it shouldn't have been that way. I hope you have a great weekend and I wish you all the best in finding a vehicle you love. Thank you for helping bring this situation to light. It helps us tighten-up the ship as well as ensure that our customers are being taken care of. You're the reason we get up and come in to this each day. All our best, John. =============== Prior response: Hi John, First and foremost, we're extremely sorry to hear about the service you received as this isn't the way we've trained our team members or organization. As consumers ourselves, hearing this is extremely disheartening and I personally understand all the intricacies involved when trying to find out about a specific item (or vehicle) that has such specialized options. The Lexus LS600H Hybrid is definitely a monster when it comes to the details and options. We understand that each car has a buyer and each buyer subsequently has questions about the specifics of that vehicle. We're so sorry to hear that you were let down by our team member and to hear that your call wasn't routed properly. If I may speak candidly, as a person who wants to spend $35k on a vehicle I've been searching for, I would be upset and frustrated as well. That said, I hope you'll give us another opportunity to earn your business, as well as provide you with actual concierge service when it comes to this vehicle (or any vehicle in our inventory). If you'd like me to set up a call or appointment with one of our helpful team members -- one who knows his stuff and can walk you through both the basics, and take a video of the vehicle for you and send it to you via text/email, etc... I would be happy to this for you. Please call me and we can set up the call for anytime you'd like. If you have a specific question (or questions), I will look into those for you as well, and get someone to provide you with video if you'd like. If you're local, we'd love to meet you and take you out on a test drive and show you the vehicle. As a side note, I'm going to review the phone calls and see who you spoke with, and get in touch with them as well in order to see what occurred, and how the call should have been handled. Please let me know, I've got my phone on and ready to help. Thank you John and we're sorry we let you down; we hope to make it up to you and help you get into a vehicle you love this week.


These guys will rip you off if you aren't careful

Make sure you negotiate the price and not the payments, these guys will load you up with fees and stretched out financing if you don't pay attention. Focus on the price when negotiating don't let them talk about monthly payment. We got absolutely hosed here and almost paid double the price of the car was worth. Be careful please.


Bad hombres

See my review on yelp and everybody?s else?s . This dealer is not a customer service oriented dealerships, lacks in real leadership quality.


didn't come out to help me

Looking at cars not one person came out to help...



This dealership was very unrealistic. I came out to take a look at a used 2016 Mustang, priced at 25k, which is very high for a used Mustang to begin with, considering how fast they lose their value. I expected that at this price the car would be in excellent condition. Plus, the photos of the car that they posted on cars.Com were making the vehicle look amazing. Far from it.... The car had several issues, chipped paint, worn out tires, several large and noticeable scratches, damaged and scraped rims and a hole in the rear bumper as well as the scraped front bumper. It was apparent that the previous owner hit something with his rear end... When I pointed all this out to the salesman and told him that the condition doesn't match the price, all he said was "we are no haggle dealership"... He did not seem interested in what i was saying whatsoever... He did offer to ask the manager as to what can be fixed, but at that price, used Mustang should be in very good condition... I felt they were unrealistic with their pricing and the "no haggle" approach on used, damaged cars, so I left...

Dealer response

Hi Mustang Fan, Thanks for visiting Auto Republic and for providing us with some feedback based on your experience. We understand everyone may have different expectations when viewing a vehicle, so we take 32 hi-res photos on our site of each vehicle. These photos are not processed in any way (we don't have time based on our large inventory) so they go straight from the camera to the site. We understand you had some issues with regards to the condition of the Mustang, so we went ahead and did a thorough in-the-sun inspection on all the points you mentioned. The vehicle is a hard-to-find 2016 EcoBoost Premium Package Mustang with Leather & Navigation, with only 12k miles on the odometer. There is a small pinky-tip size blemish on the rear bumper, but by no means "a hole." It's also small enough that we actually missed it walking around the car a few times, looking for a hole, and by our standards, especially on the 2016 with 12k miles, the blemish did not constitute a re-paint of the entire panel. We did however observe some minor scratches, two of which would've buffed out (which as the salesman mentioned, we'd be glad to do for you), and yes one wheel had some minor rash on the rim by the tire -- but it's also correctable with simple touch-up. The tires all have about 97-98% tread and they're high-end, again it's only traveled 12k miles in less than a year on the road. The car's front splitter or rubber lip has a bit of rash from going up a driveway probably, but this is not the front bumper; it's there to protect it. The vehicle is priced at $24,881 and once running the numbers on this hard to find vehicle -- again, not too many Black, 2016 Ford Mustangs with the EcoBoost Premium Package + Saddle Leather Seats & Navigation are available, let alone in the pre-owned arena. We ran checks and comps on others and they are priced at $27,000+, which is also what we were initially told we should post the vehicle at (though we did not). Since we're a haggle-free dealership and taking into consideration the small buffout, touch up on the wheel and the imperfection in the lower rear bumper (visible in picture 7 of our site), we priced it at $24,881 -- making it affordable, a steal for an almost-new Mustang with this package + not having to haggle or go back and forth -- it's priced correctly. We understand everyone may grade a car's condition differently or expect to haggle with the dealer on price based on minor imperfections, but our team works hard to take these things into consideration before pricing the vehicle to move, especially when it's a hard to find vehicle -- most dealers would charge a premium on that alone -- our price point says otherwise. Still, please know we appreciate you coming down and taking a look at the car -- we are committed to making sure our inventory and haggle-free pricing speaks for itself in the industry; if you're interested in taking a look at this vehicle again or would like to chat further, please let us know -- we're always here to help and are sorry that we were unable to make a deal. Thank you


Nice customers service

Ej is a nice dealer to handle the process of buying the car.


Purchase of pre-owned 2015 Acura ILX

The buying process was relatively easy with the no-haggle method. While I was hoping to get a little discount, the quality of the pre-owned cars they sell seem to be outstanding (time will tell) since the cars looked like they came out of the showroom. One of the reasons I didn't give them 5 stars is they should have at least dusted the car I bought (it was black so you can see the dust rather easily) and made some little effort gluing the plastic on the front grill where there was a really slight crack that's hardly noticeable. They could have also showed/highlighted the features of the car. Their sales staff are vey knowledgeable of the cars, though. I wasn't really looking to buy an Acura ILX but after the test drive, I think it is a good value for the price Auto Republic was selling it. Thanks.